Tuesday, August 4, 2009


My friend gave me a coupon the other day. It was to try out the YMCA at 92nd and Lexington.
I figured, "why not?" A free week of working out with weights and machines while adding to my Central park jogging repetoire.

the 92Y was pretty good. The price, if I wanted to join was something like $80 per month. Not sure how that fares in Manhattan, but that's real expensive when compared to Queens and Long Island. Of course, it's still less than half the price of Equinox. Unreal.

What I liked about this place was all of the events going on. I also liked the indoor lap pool with their highly-touted ozone filtering, to make it easier on the swimmer's eyes. Of course, What I didn't like was the fact that the place was built out like a maze.

Perhaps the weirdest feature of all, had to be the indoor walking/jogging track. I couldn't believe that they could have such a thing indoors in Manhattan. I mean, by the size of the area, how could they, right? But then the lady showed me around, and took me to this track:
Apparently, one has to run around this track 34 times just to do 1 mile. Crazy!

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