Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Race. A Gym. A Triathlon.

This morning, I ran with my friend in the annual Front Runners Pride Run. Though I had promised myself to refrain from doing more races than absolutely necessary, I've been so plum bored with my running this year, that the addition of this race, plus another one tomorrow, is a joyful contrast.

I did swimmingly well today too. And the pun for swimmingly is coming shortly.

I finished the 5 mile race in a pace of 7:44 and came in the top 21% overall, and top 35% amongst men, and age category. The weather was very balmy 69 degrees (84% to be exact). My friend also did well too. I introduced my friend to Jack, our FPRR president whom I had not seen in a while. It was nice to see him.

After the race, my friend got me a pass at the Equinox gym on 63rd & Lex. The night before my friend had suggested about why we shouldn't do a triathlon. I had wanted to do one before the age of 50, and there's still plenty of time left before I get to 50 too. Still, I liked the enthusiasm that my friend had about this race, so I decided to join in as well.

As for the Equinox gym, it had a pool. What a better way to start tackling my fear of water, but to swim laps, ad nauseum, until I no longer had any fear. Unfortunately, I swam so poorly, that I figured there was a long road ahead for me if I ever wanted to swim 40 meters, let alone 400.

But yet, I signed up for it. I forked over my money. God help me.

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Irene said...

Hey, if i can do a triathlon, you can definitely do one. I didn't know there was a tri in Queens. I may have to sign up for it myself.