Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another Race. Another Swim at Equinox

The last time I actually did two races in two days was...never. I actually did two races in one day last year, if you recall, which produced a modern day 10K PR for me in the 2nd race. That was all just 36 hours after I moved to Lindenhurst.

An interesting weekend for sure, as I stayed at my friends house, so getting to the start of the a race in Manhattan was impressively easy. For all these years of commuting into NYC as early as 5am at times, I never realized what a blessing it must have been for those who actually lived in Manhattan, when it came to getting to a race corral on time.

As for the race, Hope & Possbility, it too was a 5 miler. I did not do as well this time around with a time 20 seconds slower. then yesterday's race. However, and for the first time ever, I finished in the top 500 overall in an NYRR race. Didn't hurt that there were only 2351 finishers, but finishing in 364th place felt great.

After the race, I went with my friend to Equinox again. This time I upped my distance, from 160 to 200 meters. We hit the hot tub and cold immersion bath followed by the steam room.
Swimming sucks. But I am on a mission. A mission to do complete a triathlon.

The Equinox gym is incredibly beautiful. I love the cedar planking on the shower floors, the hair gel dispensers and Hi-Def flat screen TV in the men's locker room, and treadmills that have visual of running around mountains or track fields. But Equinox gyms are incredibly expensive as well. $179 per person per month. Are you joking me? I will let this 1 week trial expire and go somewhere else when this is finished!

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Anonymous said...

Equinox gyms are beautiful, but as you found, incredibly expensive. I am a Bally's member. Their gyms are ok. There is a really nice on on Sunrise, in Amityville. It has a great pool too.