Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My first "staged" triathlon.

After running a cool 8 miles on the treadmill at the gym yesterday, it was time to do something new, something crazy. It was only earlier in the day that I had gone to Phelps Pool in Babylon to get a membership to go and swim in their olympic-sized pool.

I left work right on time (for a change) and quickly hurried home to change. From there, I loaded the Trek, threw on my pair of Sugoi triathlon tights (which I purchased at Runner's Edge, thank you very much), and headed over to Phelps Pool.

Like a maniac, I barely gave myself the chance to breathe from the moment I changed in the locker room, till the time I jumped into the lap pool. Without even waiting, I just started swimming. Again, I did another 150 meters. It's 25 meters from one end of the lap to the other.

After I finished, I jumped out and ran out of the complex. Barely giving myself a towel-over, I unchained my Trek which was locked to a post near the outdoor tennis courts next door, and hopped on my hybrid bike. No sooner did I start peddling, it started raining.

I did all 16 miles came back and then ran a 5K at a sub-8 pace. Not bad. Legs felt a little bit like boiled noodles, but I'm sure I'll adjust.

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Anonymous said...

Ha! Good start. I think you are going to rock the swim portion...much better than you think you are.

The IronGirl was 800 yard. Eeek! I finished it, but I am still scared of it. LOL!