Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm Normal!

Or so says the American Medical Association. Their chart indicates that a Male who is 5'8" is considered to be overweight if they are over 160 pounds.

I weighed in this morning.


I'm normal!

Perhaps not mentally, lol.

I'm glad that the AMA has not budged on this weight chart, especially when about 75% of this country is overweight (like I was as of yesterday morning).


This morning's menu will feature another Ruby Red Grapefruit.

Lunch will feature Salad again.

Then it's off to they gym,

And tonight? Unclear yet.

Funny thing was that I did dream a lot while I slept, so perhaps all that rapid eye movement shed an extra 5 calories. Just kidding, of course.


DGA said...

If you're normal, then I'm the Pope. Does 168 mean I have to come up with another unwanted lie about Chambermaid, I mean Chamberlain?

DGA said...

Sorry, I meant 158!

rundangerously said...

awesome! congratulations!