Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Hey! It's been awhile since I talk about running in my running blog, right?

Night time is usually when I am at my heaviest. Then I go to bed and I lose weight. Automagically. I don't know how this happens. Tonight I weigh exactly 160. But I just ate 1 slice of American Cheese and 4 crackers. Did I just do a bad thing? Only time will tell when I wake up tomorrow morning.

I hope I dream of running an ultramarathon. Perhaps that will help.

I did another 5 miles today. My right leg is not 100%, so the effort is also not 100%, but I have been getting miles in. Last week, I did close to 30. This week I hope to reach it, God willing.

Also, I heard on the radio this morning that some scientists concluded that optimal fitness is reached when one goes at a speed of about 8.5 MPH. That is nearly 7 minutes per mile. I can do it, but for now I cannot sustain it for longer than say, 1/2 a mile. I'll keep working at it though. ;-)

The picture above was me back in 1984. I came in 3rd place that year (the next year I came in 1st!) in the JFK Runway 10K run. The 41:17 is equivalent to a pace of 6:39. How's that for optimal? Only problem is that this 43 year old body has not been able to achieve those times of old........yet.

Oh and yes....I added in the dust for effects. I think I would have to travel about Mach 1 to rip up the asphalt generating a disintegrating effect on both the road and on the soles of my sneakers to the point of causing dust.

But then again, aren't we all just "Dust in the Wind"?


DGA said...

Yes, there is dust all over and when we kick the bucket even more dust afterwards. Dust in our bodies, our homes, hour clogged minds. Everywhere dust. Enough dust to reach the moon and back on a dust trail. Hoerver...there is no dust in...PIZZA!!!!

DGA said...

There must be dust in my fingers too, cause I wrote "Hoerver", instead of HOWEVER.