Friday, April 10, 2009

Florida-Day 5 (Fri.Apr.10th) Deerfield Beach, FL

"Remember to never scratch your privates in Publix." - This is what I told my father upon making an official proclamation that he needed to go there to get bread. Think I could make a living off in saying the most absurd things, huh?

I didn't run this morning, because I woke up at 9. And I didn't wake up until 9, because I didn't get to bed until 3:30am.
As you can see, I spent much of the morning catching up on my blogs, primarily those in Florida.
Today was beach day. My uncle Alex lives about 1/2 block from the A1A intercoastal, and right on the very edge between Boca Raton and Deerfield Beach. We decided to go to his house today to go the beach, and off to his house afterwards for dinner. As soon as we got to Uncle Alex’s home, I led the kids into following me the less than 2 block to be on the sands of Deerfield Beach. Not only was it not as windy, as I had originally thought, but the water was wonderful.

Soft sands, like feathery pillows underneath our toes, kept us in place in a water, which had very little current of any kind.
We had a wonderful time, as I stayed there (my parents remained behind-playing poker with my aunt and uncle) for nearly 3 hours. On the way back, I contacted them, and they mentioned about trying out their pool, which we did for about another hour or so. The kids were pleasantly surprised to find a green rubber donut for the pool, plus one of the neighbors (house 103) was kind enough to lend us two of his “noodles” for the kids.

I was very impressed to see how well all 3 of my children are able to swim, especially Matthew, who completely shocked me by jumping into the deep end, and swimming to me before I could swim to him!
We played ‘Marco Polo’, Shark Attack, Water Monkey in the Middle with teams (boys vs. girls, of course), and even a war between the “Carrot Sticks” (orange noodle) versus the “Lima Beans” (green noodle and donut). Of course, I keep telling my kids that I am allergic to Lima Beans, hence the genesis for the team names.
After we finished up, we showered and headed back to Uncle’s house for dinner. Paella!

It was delicious. The evening wound down with desert and my helping of Uncle’s computer, which was in a little trouble.

So, while I didn’t run at all, I did do plenty of running around with the kids. All in all it was one of those wonderfully memorable days that I soon won’t forget.

My beautiful-soon-to-be-20-year-old daughter. :-)

After we got home, we turned on the baseball game. Cristina & Dad's Marlins versus my Mets. Of course, the Mets did lose against the Fish tonight...some things never change.

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Alex Gonzalez said...

This has nothing to do with my own blog, but how fitting is it that the Mets give up a Home Run to the first batter they face at CitiField? Sheeeeeeeeeesh!!!