Thursday, April 9, 2009

Florida-Day 4 (Thu.Apr 9th) - Double Birthdays

Today my father turned 68 years young.

I started my day off by waking up very early to go for a long run. 9 miles to be exact, and through the "shanty" town of Coral Springs. If you knew Coral Springs, you would also know how ridiculously silly I am being. Coral Springs is one of the prettiest, and most affluent areas in all of South Florida. My dad didn't have the money to live there, but he argues that it is great to live in the next town over because he still gets to enjoy Coral Springs as if it were his own. I can totally relate. It's like living in Flower Hill, and being next door (almost) to Sands Point.

I ran with my iPhone, and listened to Pandora's radio. Andy Hunter and Zircom were two new trance music artist finds. My legs' been pretty good up to now, as I am not trying to break any speed records.

Some photos:

After getting home, I had promised Stephanie to take her shopping for her birthday. She likes the excitement of shopping even more than being surprised. We went to Target where she made out like a bandit with DS games. I also got my father an absolutely ridiculous birthday card of a nose, and when you open it up it blows itself. Sounds just like my father when he blows his nose. Love it!

Amanda had her purse stolen last year, which had the headphones that I had gotten her last year, so I went and got her a new pair of Skullz and even threw in an iTunes gift card for her. Not to leave Matthew out, and knowing how much he likes to collect, and is big on money (lol), I got him a coin book for all the state issued US quarters. I started him off with 4 states, and his big sister, Amanda put in another 4 quarters too. He loved his gift! :-)

When we came back, my father and Cristina were already in high-gear in cleaning the place up to prepare for the double-birthday celebration. Alex and Alessandra were coming over too. To help out, I took my 3 kids to the patio, and had a "World Series" of UNO. We all had the lead at one point or another, but my son, Matthew, came out on top at the end. What a little stinker!!

Speaking of being a little stinker, I surprised my father and Cristina with tickets to Sunday's ballgame at Dolphin Stadium. Marlins versus Mets! Johnson vs Johann Santana! Field Box Seats!!!
Alex and Alessandra came over, and then Vanessa, my sister came over too. I miss my sister, and it was great to see her again.
The birthday party consisted of a barbecue followed by a nice cake for Stephanie. I finally tried that Spanish red wine that my Dad has been peddlin' for so long, Marques de Badajoz. Excellent, I must admit. Between that, Denny's, and saying yes to baseball this Sunday, he is leaving me shocked.

Vanessa knocked over the flower pot in the patio. Sorry sis, I just couldn't hold back! LOL

I was getting a bit tipsy myself. Anyone who could use Cristina's cross-stitching lamp as a make shift electric-chair component is definitely "tipsy".

Alex and Alessandra left, and once the kids went off to sleep, Vanessa and I do what we usually each other's ear off into the wee hours of the night. I was totally disgusted to see her becoming a fan of the "Snuggie". And when she actually produced one, I nearly disowned her right on the spot.

...........................................................Rise for the demonic priest! ..............................................

Alex demonstrates the compatibility between Snuggie and a bust of Beethoven.

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Alex Gonzalez said...

I can't stop laughing at myself. These pictures of me are ridiculous. There must be something wrong when you can laugh at yourself this hard. ROFL!