Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Florida-Day 3 (Wed.Apr 8th)-Amanda's Night Out

After doing 10K around my Dad's house, I took my family to breakfast at Denny's. Believe it or not, it was my father who had suggested the place. For all these years of him bitching and complaining about Denny's, I was in utter shock when he mentioned about going here. Apparently, he had gone there recently with his friends, and must've had a good enough experience.

I've always loved that place, and too bad there are none in Long Island. Once I ate my breakfast, plus parts of other's peoples' breakfast, we headed home. Dad and I dropped off the kids, and went to have even more exercise. Dad got me a pass at his Bally's gym, and I did another 4 miles. Surprisingly, my right calf has been pretty good.

After we came home, we ate again. This time it was the free "Grand Slamwiches" that they gave us. Seems like this week is one helluva war between eating and exercising. Eat 1400 calories here, burn 1200 calories there. Everything in excess.

We relaxed for awhile, and as the evening approached, Amanda and I prepared for our Daddy-Daughter date at Benihana's. I was very excited, and so was she, and when it came time for our chauffeur, David, to drive us, I was getting hungry again too.

The restaurant was wonderful. I hadn't been at a Benihana's since I was confirmed at OLQM back in 1978! Our waitor/chef's name was Roberto Ocampo, definitely not Japanese (probably Mexican), and he was a riot!

He made us laugh, and did all of the normal "tricks" while cooking at the Hibachi in front of us. We had a real nice time, and then summoned "James" to pick us back up again.

After we got home, we saw the results episode of American Idol. In my mind, it's no contest. Adam wins, Allison "the 16-year-old" comes in second. The night before, Adam sang "It's A Mad World" from Tears For Fears. It was so much better than how Tears did it!

Scott was voted off, and while he may be legally blind, I admire his gift and effort. However, that last performance was horrible. Tone deafness is probably more like it, and it pains me to say it, because I really liked Scott way more than anyone else thus far.

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Alex Gonzalez said...

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that grandma gave steffie her first cross stitch lesson too!