Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Florida-Day 2 (Tue.Apr.7th)-To Be A Kid Again

My father's natural bouganvilleas arch.

Beautiful picture of my darling Stephanie, who stopped to smell the flowers.
In the morning, I got my father and all my kids to come outside with me to do some running around the house complex. It was nice to see the family effort! I ran about 5 kilometers, and interestingly, 1 loop around my father's house block resulted in exactly 131/1000th of a mile ran. In otherwords, if I were to run around his house precisely 200 times, that would be a marathon.

Later that morning, and after a hearty breakfast (oh no, here comes the weight back), we all headed out to Chuck-E-Cheese for the kids to play on the machines (this was gramps idea).
As you can see, my father is in "customer-service-is-incompetent" mode. He was already bitchin' about why there's only 1 person behind the counter, and how slow, and this and that. LOL. Good 'ol Dad!

The kids played for about an hour, got about a million tickets, and in the end walked away with a small plastic bracelet and some candy as their reward (about right in Cheeseworld).

After we dropped everybody off, my Dad and I went over to Pizza Stop.

I have to admit, I gave him a lot of hell about this. He's always raved about this place, and everytime I've eaten there, I've been very disappointed. I mean, how can one COMPARE pizza in Florida, to the home of where pizza was perfected (NYC), right?
However, this critic was shut up this time. He mentioned that the new owner made the pizza differently, and he was right. It was very good.

We came back, took a nap, and then took Matthew to the ballpark for some baseball practice to Cypress Park. Real nice place, with well-kept little league baseball fields. Matt did well. Oh, and this guy didn't do too shabby either.
Of course, I did pretty well myself, but no one took a pic of me. :-(


Later that evening we watched American Idol, and part of the Marlins baseball game. And if there is anything you know about my parents, it is this....If it is April through September, there is a Marlins game on their TV at some point during the day. My father has to deal 162 national anthems. Little did he knew what I had in store for him....

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