Monday, April 6, 2009

Florida-Day 1 (Mon.Apr.6th)-It's Been Such A Long Time

Nothing like flying out of an airport in New York. No matter how much one can expect to have a challenge, it is usually more than you can anticipate.

Matthew and his Nintendo DS - Joined at birth.

Today, I got to the airport with the kids at about 8am for a 10:50am flight. True, we were here a bit early, but with 2 kids in tow, and all by my lonesone, I figured I would give myself plenty of time to make sure nothing got screwed up. Calling two days earlier, and being told by Spirit Airlines that I did not have a reservation, when it had been booked way back in December was not a confidence builder, let me tell you. I actually called back, pressed two to speak Spanish, and finally a reservations agent working from an outsourced office in Guayaquil, Ecuador, found my res. And yes, the first time I called and pressed 1 for English, I was sent to another outsourced office....India.

Well, thanks to the 17 raindrops that came down on LaGuardia Airport, our flight was delayed about 40 minutes before we went to taxi. Then, lo and behold, the plane was shut down right on the runway for another hour. Perhaps because of another 13 raindrops that came down. Not that I'm that upset, as I'd rather get there in one piece.

The landing was kind of scary. The plane felt like it was being tossed from one side to another. By the time we landed in Fort Lauderdale, the time was 3pm. By the time we got our checked luggage (which was the kids'-loaded with things that I specifically asked my ex not to pack - ie. 13 pairs of shorts for Matthew, on a trip for 7 days, in a house where my stepmother does laundry every 2 days.)

Anyway, I was so happy to finally see Amanda, who I speak to regularly but haven't seen in over 3 years (way way too long). My girl has really grown up. This should not have taken so long. Unfortunately, my ex made it impossible for me during these past few years. Now that Amanda is an adult, things are already changing and for the better, I am happy to say.

It was hot in Fort Lauderdale. 94 degrees hot. When the plane finally landed, we had to stay another half and hour in the plane, because there was no one at the airport that knew how to operate the skywalk, it seemed. We were boiling!

The first thing we did when we got to Dad's was to change and go straight to the weight scale. After much work, my challenge proved successful. My final weight was 158.

Soon afterwards, we went to the pool.

Boy, Grandpa sure is strong! Those metamucil pills must be having some hell of a side effect!

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