Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hey...Guess what?

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DGA said...

156.6 my "derriere"!
Anyway, after waiting 2 hours at the airport, your flight finally landed, although it took another 30additional minutes for someone to know how to operate the "Jetway" to
pull to the plane door in order to open it and let everyone out. Airlines today, like anything else, are full of incompetent people.
Well, we got home and you weighed yourself on my digital scale...158, not 156.6, which means you ate more peanuts than they gave you onboard. Did you steal them from the children?
Fact is I lost the bet because you lost 12 lbs in the set period. So you wion't have to wear the Michael Jordan T-Shirt that I NEVER HAD. It was all a scheme to make you lose weight. So we both won. You the bet, me my peace of mind that you are keeping in shape for your heart and your races.
Bottom line I have to say something nice about Chamberlain, the greatest basketball player in the history of this galaxy. There, I took a deep breath, swallowed my principles and said it. A bet is a bet.
Now you will eat like a vacuum cleaner, "Hoover", while here in Florida, so we will have to think of something else to get back to 158, won't we?