Tuesday, March 17, 2009


For one (perhaps two) days out of the year, I trade in my Spanish shackles in favor of a wee 'o Irish one!

For today I am Alex O' Gonzo the Lucky Lindenhurst Lad!

I didn't run yesterday (injury) and with today being a 'typical' food fest of a day and all, might spell disaster for me. Must resist the temptation of a Guiness, for lo' the mind is weak and the thirst be quite the willful one.

Normally, I don't shameless plug the music I update from time to time, but for Irish folk and fans alike, I've put together a motley crue of music, from Ireland and/or from Irish musicians. There are classic songs in there like "Danny Boy" and "The Wild Rover" for sure, but you'll also see contemporary artists in there, plus a several clover-filled gems from U2 and company. YOU REALLY OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO ENJOY THIS GREAT MUSIC!!! Turn your speakers way up and enjoy the sounds on this festive day !!! :-)

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