Monday, March 16, 2009


I was rushing to get to work early today, and didn't get a chance to snap up a picture, but yes, I am down now to 164.8. Not a full pound, and this tells me that perhaps the water weight is ending and the real fat weight is beginning. For those out there who know how hard it is to lose fat weight, you also know that the amount for which I will be able to lose in 1 day will be diminished.

Also diminished will be the level of exercise. I hurt myself running yesterday. It's the right calf muscle (again). I stretch before and after, warm up and warm down too. But for some reason it's becoming a regular nuisance. I took a leftover painkiller yesterday which helped, but I'm still walking like quasimodo today.

Yesterday's run was great. I ran through my neighborhood of Lindenhurst. Predominantely Irish, it was nice to see all of the houses adorned with shamrocks, lucky leprachauns, and kiss me I'm Irish signs. I'm not Irish. Perhaps I should have a customized sign on my door "I'm Not Irish but kiss me anyway".

I ran all the way to Argyle Lake in Babylon and back. I got slightly lost along the way, and then remembered I had my i-Phone with the GPS system. It proved to be a lifesafer after all. All told I ran 8 miles. With a speed workout of 5K on Saturday, this was a pretty productive weekend.

Whether or not I will have to pull out of next Sunday's race will all depend on how successful I am in recovering between now and then. Here's hoping.

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