Friday, March 13, 2009


Getting to bed earlier, works!

I was at Jeff & Mindy's last night. They needed a hand with getting their laptop optimized. In return, Mindy made a nice dish of grilled chicken with zucchini & squash.

It also didn't hurt that I ran another 2 miles this morning either. Fitness 19 was empty this morning, but the quietness came from the fact that their cable wasn't working. No TV. No Music. Nada. Nyet. Zilch-o. Maybe they didn't pay their bill, though by judging their attendance of late, I'd say it was probably Cablevision's fault at the very least.



Speaking of faults, it was nice to see Bernie Madoff admit to his before a court yesterday:

Madoff: 'I knew this day would come'

One of Wall Street's biggest swindles ends in guilty plea on 11 charges.

Judge orders him to jail.

It also went on to mention this...

He could face a maximum 150-year sentence. His sentencing was set for June 16.

Madoff admitted that he never invested his clients' money, and that he
deposited the funds into a "Chase Manhattan" bank.

"When money was
requested, I paid it out from the Chase account," he said.

No wonder JP Morgan Chase is doing better than the rest of the banks!

Anyway, the source for that article is here: (JP Morgan)Chase Manhattan bank acts as piggy bank for Madoff's swindling billions

What happened to the old days where we would look up to seeming cool dudes that had a way with money a/o women? It seems like nowadays they are more like the vagrants you'd see behind bars or homeless on the street. Essentially we went from Fonzie to Ponzie!! (and you knew I had to get that out!)

5.6 more pounds to go Daddy-O. I am ready and waiting for my next pontification from you!!!


Anonymous said...

Way to go so far on meeting your weight loss goal! Keep it up...

Alex Gonzalez said...

LOL. Thanks! I'm struggling today tho. Blew my opp to eat breakfast and feel like I could eat a supermarket right about now.

DGA said...

I am really going to have a field day with you when you get here showing you haven't lost any weight! Michael Jordan's T-Shirt looks better than ever already knowing you're going to have to wear it everywhere! I have noticed that the only thing that changes in the pictures you're showing is the weight in the scale. Your feet have always the same position exactly! Not one inch of difference! Very strange!
But to keep this bet straight I am forced to declare that Wilt Twiggy Chamberlain was the most impressive player ever on the basketball court. (I know that most of your blog readers know this is a bet and not a volunteered statement of mine.)