Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another Source of Inspiration.

None other than on the same day that the Philadelphia Phillies have been crowned World Champions, I get an email from ING Bank showing the video of me crossing the finish line at the Philadelphia Distance Run back on September 21 of this year.

The first 50 seconds or so of this video is just fluff. But you will want to pay close attention at the end to see me finish. This was the fastest half-marathon ever, as I set a PR in crossing the finish line with a pace of 7 minutes and 50 seconds per mile. Hot Dog!

Now, in case you need a reference point. I've taken the liberty (no pun intended) on taking a freeze frame of me as I am crossing the finish line below. Look at it, and come back up and try it again...

I was 159 at the time, but guess what? None of this matters. I am going to do the opposite about my weight, because I am going to EAT YOU ALIVE, New York City Marathon course! I am going to eat you up, and hopefully be able to spit you out too.


DGA said...

You definitely will need to spit NY out, whether you eat it or not. Nothing better than spitting at NY or to NY or in NY or out or in, or whatever, abut spit it!

DGA said...

Shit! My arthritic fingers always push the wrong letter on the keyboard. The end of the NY SPITTING saga should say " BUT SPIT IT " not "abut spit it".

Anonymous said...

That video is great! It's so nice to see you finish in Philly.

p.s. *ahem* World Series champs. Just sayin'. :)