Thursday, October 30, 2008

Damn Leg!

Okay so my 2 hour training last night gave another part of my knee a slight hurting. Nothing serious, but it seems like I am falling apart at the seams.
But I don't care. I am on a collision course with destiny now, and I will not let it derail me.

I have been comparing what my 5k splits will need to be (as you saw in yesterday's blog) with that of what I have done in recent years. And yes, it is very aggressive comparitvely speaking. But, and as my cheerleader commanded me over the phone the other day, I must BE AGGRESSIVE. B-E A-G-G-R-E-S-I-V-E AGGRESSIVE!

Onto other news. There are more and more stars that will be running this event.
Kara Goucher, who shares my birthday (though not the year), and who beat Paula Radcliff at the Great North Half-Marathon, will be onhand to challenge Paula and others. Being also born in Queens (Astoria, which is where I was born too), I have nothing more than best wishes that she comes home with the gold. Here below is a You Tube of her conquest over Paula (another great runner) in the 2007 Great North event:

Another video:
This one is from author Liz Robbins and about her book of the New York City Marathon, entitled: "A Race Like No Other"

Split Times........2006.......2007.......2008..
@05 kilometers:...0:34:48....0:28:43....0:27:21
@10 kilometers:...1:03:54....0:57:08....0:53:42
@15 kilometers:...1:33:32....1:25:51....1:20:52
@20 kilometers:...2:05:13....1:54:52....1:48:35
Half Marathon:....2:12:34....2:01:01....1:55:01
@25 kilometers:...2:41:55....2:25:31....2:17:25
@30 kilometers:...3:19:54....2:56:22....2:44:59
@35 kilometers:...3:57:11....3:28:10....3:16:37
@40 kilometers:...4:35:41....4:05:26....3:46:57
Full Marathon:....4:47:47....4:20:11....3:59:40

In 2006, I was running injured, hence the higher times.
Last year, was my 2nd fastest year ever. Compared to last year, it will be between kilometers 5 and 10 where I need to set the tone. Brooklyn is flat, but it is crowded too. I must try to run as straight as I can, only weaving to pass the slower runners in front of me.

The next "improvement" surge I will need to focus on over last year will have to be between the 25th and 30th kilometer milestones. That is up 1st avenue in Manhattan. Groovy.

The last of the big pushes, will be between the 35th and 40th kilometer. This will be the killa'dilla. We're talking improvements over last year at between 21st and 24th mile marker.

What is going for me will be the temperance of the kill on my side. While I do get the butterflies every year (this year being no diff), I also have a "game plan" and I also have less fear of this course than ever before. My only concern again is the muscular biomechanics. To run for 4 hours is not like running for 2 hours. The 2nd 2hours is nothing like the first, and the last hour is nothing like even the 3rd hour. How bad do I want it? I want it real bad.

As I am about to shut this darned thing off, my darned leg is feeling better. Now
I rest. For 10 hours. Goodnight.

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