Wednesday, October 29, 2008

3 Days To Go: Good Workout.

Sometimes ya just need a physical booster to make yourself feel more confident.

Tonight I went to LA Fitness. I spent 2 hours running on the treadmill, striding on the elliptical, lifting weights, pulling weights using my hamstrings, doing over 300 situps, and finished up with stretches more overhead presses, and more elliptical.
And I feel great.

The remaining quandry was whether or not I was going to carbo-load tonight or not. At 165 pounds this morning, I am overweight by 5 pounds. Now, it will be unsafe and stupid to lose all 5 pounds between now and Sunday, because that would mean a) that I have had to fast in an extreme way that will strip me of carbohydrates, or b) would have to work out like 5 hours a day until D-Day, which aint gonna happen either.

So, the solution will be as follows. Tonight (Wed), I have eaten a GU ROCTANE Gel Pack loaded with potassium and only 100 calories. I also drank a glass of water too and will take a centrum vitamin. That is it. When I got on the scale, I was already 163 at the gym. Though now, I just weighed myself again, and it shows 165.4. What the?? Perhaps my scale is actually off by 2 pounds? Tomorrow morning (Thu) should be interesting.

Two non-running items

Obama - Just saw the infomercial he put on. Very impressive I must admit. It is refreshing to see a candidate who talks to the average American showing how he is willing to tackle the issues the comfront us all.....rather than attacking his opponent, as his opponent JUST DID AGAIN on the ensuing commercial. Give it up McCain, nobody likes you or your ra-ra Crab woman from Alaska.

Phillies - I am a Mets fan, but I am a Baseball fan first. It was great seeing the Rays make it all the way, but you gotta love these Phillies. They really have warmed my heart. They are a good team to root for.....when they are not playing the Mets! And I am not saying this because my girlfriend is a Philly fan either!!!!

Back to running....
For those of you who have honored me, by placing me on the free fan alerts website keep track of whether or not I am able to break the 4 hours barrier, this is what I am going to attempt to do....
Fan Alert....2008..
After 05k - 0:27:21
After 10k - 0:53:42
After 15k - 1:20:52
After 20k - 1:48:35
Half-Mar. - 1:55:01
After 25k - 2:17:25
After 30k - 2:44:59
After 35k - 3:16:37
After 40k - 3:46:57
Marathon - 3:59:40

May the wind be at my back the entire way.


DGA said...

I will leave my PC open and running the day of the Marathon, to check every 5K. Here is my feeling on this venture of youra:

After you do that you are going home, take a nice shower and STOP EATING!!!!! 165 lbs.! ARE YOU NUTS!!!

Now you know what your next challenge is?

DGA said...

" THE VENTURES OF YOURA " . About a fantasy story that just popped up out of a typo. I meant to say THIS VENTURE OF YOURS!