Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Checklist for the 2008 New York City Marathon

Every year around this time, I start to get fidgety about what I will be taking with me to the starting line in Staten Island. Back in 2005, and even when I had packed everything the day before, I still somehow managed to leave my Polar SX625 at home. What an ordeal. I had to take a cab all the way back to get my watch. Ugh.

Since then, part of my preparedness mantra includes a visible checklist. All of the things that will be relevant for that years race will be jotted, printed, and checked off on Saturday. Peace of mind before a Marathon is penultimate in guiding a runner to personal victory.

2008 New York City Marathon Checklist

Day Category-Item
Mon. [ ] Race-Reserve Bus Ride from Runner's Edge.

Wed. [ ] Meds-Print out & laminate inspirational email from girlfriend

Thu. [ ] Electric-Select Music – Load into iPod Shuffle
Thu. [ ] Race-Pack Marathon Registration Card

Fri. [ ] Meds-(2) Tylenol packs.
Fri. [ ] Meds-(6) Endurolytes
Fri. [ ] Meds-(7) Salt Packets
Fri. [ ] Meds-(8) GU – ROCTANE Fuel Gels
Fri. [ ] Meds-(8) GU – ROCTANE Fuel Gels
Fri. [ ] Meds-Chap Stick – for the lips
Fri. [ ] Meds-Glide – for boobies and crotch
Fri. [ ] Meds-Glide FX – it’s like ben gay
Fri. [ ] Meds-Water Bottle
Fri. [ ] Electric-Charge Garmin 305
Fri. [ ] Electric-Charge iPhone.
Fri. [ ] Electric-Charge iPod Shuffle.
Fri. [ ] Electric-Pack your Bose iPod Shuffle wraparound headsets

Sat. [ ] Cloth-Asics Jacket
Sat. [ ] Cloth-Black Ski Top
Sat. [ ] Cloth-Green Pillow
Sat. [ ] Cloth-Lay out running shorts with pockets.
Sat. [ ] Cloth-Lay out running top.
Sat. [ ] Cloth-New Socks
Sat. [ ] Cloth-Plastic baggy – for salt packets & Endurolytes
Sat. [ ] Cloth-Poland Springs Gloves
Sat. [ ] Cloth-Pack Technical Gloves
Sat. [ ] Cloth-Select running cap.
Sat. [ ] Cloth-Select Sneakers (go with the New Balance 1062s).
Sat. [ ] Cloth-Spare socks
Sat. [ ] Cloth-Sunglasses
Sat. [ ] Cloth-Sweat Pants
Sat. [ ] Cloth-War Red Hat
Sat. [ ] Hygiene-Clip Your Finger Nails
Sat. [ ] Hygiene-Clip Your Toe Nails
Sat. [ ] Meds-(2) Bandaids for nips
Sat. [ ] Meds-Bagel with Butter
Sat. [ ] Meds-G2 Gatorade Red
Sat. [ ] Meds-Pack pics of my girlfriend, and my kids.
Sat. [ ] Meds-Setup Dunkin Donuts Coffee
Sat. [ ] Meds-Sugar Free Red Bull
Sat. [ ] Meds-Load up GU Roctanes on Fuel Belt.
Sat. [ ] Meds-Attach Glad Snack Baggy with safety pins onto Fuel Belt.
Sat. [ ] Race-Pack green bible.
Sat. [ ] Race-Pack NYRR Marathon Guide
Sat. [ ] Race-Pack latest edition of Runner's World.
Sat. [ ] Race-(1) Blue Arrow blanket
Sat. [ ] Race-(1) Flannel blanket
Sat. [ ] Race-(3) Black Hefty Lawn Leaf for Vapor Barrier on Ground
Sat. [ ] Race-Affix Label To Bag
Sat. [ ] Race-Affix Running Number to Shirt
Sat. [ ] Race-Check weather on weather.com
Sat. [ ] Race-Run Number Fill Emergency Info
Sat. [ ] Race-Set alarm clock for 3:30am.
Sat. [ ] Race-Set clock back one hour (Daylight Savings Time)
Sat. [ ] Race-Reinforce NYC Marathon Plastic Bag

Sun. [ ] Cloth-Sneaker Pouch for car key and money
Sun. [ ] Hygiene-Hot Shower In The Morning To Wake Up
Sun. [ ] Race-$40 cash in Asics Jacket
Sun. [ ] Race-Credit Card in Asics Jacket
Sun. [ ] Race-Drivers License in Asics Jacket
Sun. [ ] Race-Get Dressed, Put on Watch, iPod, iPhone
Sun. [ ] Race-Insurance Card in Asics Jacket
Sun. [ ] Race-Registration in Asics Jacket
Sun. [ ] Race-Run a Sub-4 hour marathon.

As you can see a lot goes into being prepared for race day (at least for me anyway).
The blankets, pillows, etal, is thanks to having to wait for 4 hours in the cold in Fort Wadsworth. This will keep me warm and dry.

And now for a vintage video. This one is courtesy of New York Road Runner's Club, one of the finest running clubs in the world.

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DGA said...

I hate to rain in your parade...but you forgot something extremely important to add to your list...CRAPOLA! You forgot: TAKE A YOU KNOW WHAT! As they say in Latin..."MENS SANA IN STOMACHUS SANUS" ( it is actually CORPORE, but STOMACHUS is the appropriate word here).
Was that Bill Rodgers? Did you see me coming in third? I even saw at the beginning of the race the following marathoners: John McCain,
JC Gonzalez, Michael Wellner, Ernesto Weinsheck, Many Coto, and Fernando "The Portuguese". They never finished.