Sunday, July 13, 2008

RACE REPORT: NYRR Naples-New York Park to Park Race

WHAT: NYRR Naples-New York Park to Park Race
WHEN: Sunday, July 13th, 2008
WHERE: Central Park, NY
HOW: 10 kilometers
WHY: Because the race was moved from Sat. (Bon Jovi) to Sunday
WEATHER: 71 degrees // 81% humidity // 6 mph Wind
TIME: 48:40
PACE: 7:50
OVERALL: 670 out of 3990 - Top 16.7%
GENDER: 578 out of 2330 - Top 24.8%
AGE (40-44): 92 out of 311 - Top 29.5%
RATING: 231.82 points (Excellent)
PERSONAL RACE RANKING since 1984: 20th out of 82 races.
PERSONAL RACE RANKING since 2003: 15th out of 68 races.
Mile 1.0: 8:18.53 Mile 2.0: 7:59.56 Mile 3.0: 7:37.89
Mile 4.0: 7:46.38 Mile 5.0: 7:40.59 Mile 6.0: 7:25.05
Mile 6.2: 1:52.04 (pace 6:44 because it showed .28 miles)

Scott dropped by my house even before 6am. I was barely alive this morning. After an all-out eating binge yesterday at Lake Compounce, all I kept wishing was for a major extraction this morning.

However, the Red Bull and the Gatorade were major scores"A++++"s. Thank you, Scott!

Parking is always better in New York on Sunday. The parking meters are not in effect, and there are more people gone in the summer on Sundays than on Saturdays (Hamptons, etc.).

We got to the park in plenty of time, even after a nice mile long walk in each direction. A nice warmup, considering that I did not stretch before, and very little afterwards too. I was never that limber to begin with. Tomorrow, is the start of my 16-week New York City Marathon Training Program, and I will need to stretch a bit more.

Scott and I started with him pulling slightly ahead of me. As always, NYRR races are very popular, and traffic was bad. Sort of like the Cross Bronx ( sorry Scott, I know your nomination is the Van Wyck, but dude, I lived in the Bronx, and it was a nightmare ).

The humidity was even worse than I had initially thought. 81% is what NYRR reported on their race report. My sneakers were cooperating, and I was actually able to keep up with my fellow Forest Parker for the first 3 miles. Harlem Hill was not as bad as I had expected, and the water sprinklers along the course were marvelous. That's two huge things that NYRR got right today. One, they made the race on a Sunday, which makes it easier for us Queens folk to park, and Two, they kept us cool with the water sprinklers.

Water seemed to rule this race. The water sprinklers were prevalent along the course. Scott may be wishing he had not skipped his first water spot. My sneakers were squishing with water at the end. And water was the only thing being offered in cups today as there was no gatorade anywhere. So yes, while I did whine about taking a dip in Lasker Pool today (see this post -> Scott's Blog), I already had all the water I could handle by the end of the race.

One more note about water. It was also right around the 3rd mile marker, near the water stop, where I had lost Scott. I thought he had pushed ahead, so I pushed ahead as well. However, my 7:37 in my 3rd mile was too much for me to maintain at the time, so I pulled back to a 7:46.38 for my 4th.

Cat Hill was in the 5th mile, and I really struggled here. Yet, my Garmin showed me completing this difficult part of the race in 7:40.59. Wow. Cool.

In the last mile and 2/10ths, all I focused was on passing as many people as I could, 1 person at a time. By now a lot of marbles were rolling around in my head, and I was panting like a rabid dog. However, my new Gel-Nimbus 10s were really doing great for me. I posted a 7:15 average over my last 1.28 miles (yep, I ran an extra .08, which is what happens when you have to zig-zag around people, water stops, etc.) Just the psychology alone of knowing that I had removed a 1/2 pound off my feet was incredibly relieving too. Imaging when I start training with the heavier NB1123's and switching off to the Gel's or perhaps even the Mizuno's (nearly another 1/2 pound lighter than the Gels). I am getting older, but God bless, have no signs for wear yet. I have run 7 of my last 9 races in sub-8 form, which is my best ever so far. I still have much to improve and prove and my long-awaited, and highly-anticipated 16 week program for the 2008 NYC Marathon, kicks off tomorrow.

Somewhat to my surprise, I got back to our meeting spot, and Scott was not there. He did complain of leg pain and perhaps fell back, although I didn't see this happen. He did run a very respectable 8:08 though, and he's on pace for an even greater Nike NYC Half in a couple of weeks.

As for myself, while I did not do a "modern-day" personal best, the 7:50 pace was off by only 3 seconds a mile. Given the heat and humidity, I did exceptionally better than I thought I would.

Teamwise, we had a real nice showing today. 9 of us ran today in this hot and sticky weather. Finally, I want to recognize Sandra Jeet. Or should her last name be Jet? She rocketed her way to a sub-9 10k. Congrats, Sandra!


DGA said...

Who's the guy with the Fu-Man-Chu moustache and the baseball pitcher goatee?

rundangerously said...


we finished w/in seconds of each other! would have liked to said hello! maybe next nyrr race?!

Alex Gonzalez said...

Wow Run, You ain't kidding! My next race is the long training run on the 2nd (wanted so bad for it to be the Nike NYC 1/2 but I was not selected in the lottery). Great run!!!!!