Sunday, July 13, 2008

Action-Packed Weekend.

I need a vacation from this vacation. Where to begin?

Thurs. July 10

Besides my most awesome expedition through Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan, I did stop by the Jack Rabbit Store located on 42 W. 14th St. in New York. I have to give my props out to Scott (Siegel) from the club, who pointed me in their direction. He had already given them high praise, but it was hard to understand the level of hype. Until I got there. The service at this store is impeccable. Not only was the staff extremely courteous, but get this....THEY ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE SELLING!

Patrick, who works at the store, had me (and get this again) hop aboard one of their three treadmills. Ankle-high, on the floor behind and in front of the treadmill, were closed circuit cameras. When I started running, they started recording, my motion that is. Along with determining not only size, width, and arch type, they later gave me a full in-depth prognosis of my run style, based on the video. Incredibly, they mentioned that I do not pronate. In fact, they told me that I had the "golden" triangle of a perfect footstrike. They could not believe that I was in Beast shoes at all, and strongly recommended me to go into a neutral running shoe. Now this was news to me, because I have not been comfortable in anything but Brooks since the start of my running in 2003, and even before, when I was just about to hang up my laces in 1986, I was also wearing Brooks. Now, don't get me wrong, I love my Brooks, and Jack Rabbit said they are great shoes. Only that I did not need them based on my motion.

So, while I eagerly await my New Balances in the mail, I went ahead and got 2 more pairs of sneakers for rotation purposes that should last me until next year. The Asics Gel-Nimbus 10 and the Mizuno Wave Rider 11s.

UPDATE: THIS JUST IN: Today is now Sunday, July 13th, and I ran my first race in the Gel-Nimbus. I am extremely impressed. Jack Rabbit Sports, you guys are the best and I will be back next year!

Part of the Jack Rabbit "crew". Guy on the right (not Patrick) sold me the shoes, when I came back to the store.

Later that evening, I finally took Ily to the Bohemian Beer Garden in Astoria.
The place got packed. Pitchers of beer were only $14 bucks, and the kielbasa was excellent. There was a local live jazz band playing there, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I was actually trying to connect with Courtlandt "Courtie" Barnes (ex-Avon'r). I knew he lived in Astoria, and was even lucky to find his number. Unfortunately, he didn't call back. Perhaps out of town?

While we're not a "harriers" style group, Jack thinks we should consider getting a group outing here one evening. I'm game. Sign me up!

Friday. July 11th Nothing! I actually rested (somewhat) that day.

Saturday, July 12th

After an early morning run with Jack, and meeting up with Scott who was first there for the 8am run, I went home showered and picked up Jack at his home. Destination? Lake Compounce in ristol, Connecticut, only about 15 miles SW of Hartford, CT.

We went up there with Jack, met up with Mikey, Gus, Ada and Kevin and his family, and had a very enjoyable time. I only lament that I did not have my kids this weekend, and was a bit short-sighted in not arranging to switch weeks with Bern. However, the multiple (at least 6) water rides plus the roller coasters, bumper cars, haunted house, and the gondola (which takes you over 1000 feet and is about a 30 minute ride alone) is definitely well-worth to do this trip again. My kids get out of camp in August. Perhaps I might be able to plan something for a return trip there.

There was one other lamentable note of mention. I ate like a pig. Chicken, Ribs, Hot Dogs, Sausage, Cheeseburgers, Ice Creams, Potato Salad, Regular Salad, Corn on the Cob. All consumed in mass quantities by me. By the time we got home at 10:30pm (which also lamentably, was late for a race the next morning), I felt like I was the first man to be pregnant with a bowling ball.

How then, did I do in my race today (Sun, Jul12th)? The next blog should answer that question.....

Sunday, July 12th

Well, I finally got to see Scott's house. It's in a very nice area of Rockaway Park. We had just arrived there after a well done race by both of us. A few weeks back Scott managed to score 4 tickets to Yankee Stadium to participate in MLB's All-Star Week in New York. We went to see the All-Star Futures Game and the All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game. The seats were nothing short of awesome. Field box seats directly behind home plate maybe back about 75 feet. Comically, Scott, Chris and myself all dressed up in Mets gear. What can I say, we just don't care about the Yankees all that much. The weather was phenomenal too. Blue skies throughout the day. Beer was $9.50 and Parking was $30. Okay, maybe everything was not perfect.

I did have a few gripes about the management of the game however. Yankee Stadium did not throw up the scores around the league until 1:30pm. Perhaps it was to conceal the fact that the Yanks were already losing 4-0 by then. Also, there was no lineup at all. You had to rely on the scorecard and build it yourself.

The World team wound up defeating the USA team 3 to 1, powered behind a homer to left, by Che-Hsuan Lin. Unanimously, he won the Futures MVP Trophy. Oh, and yes, he is a member of the Boston Red Sox. Ha, Ha, Ha!

Afterwards, the Legends & Celebrity Game took place.

On the celebrity side was the most famous of all Yankees diehards, actor and comedian Billy Crystal, along with Oscar Award winners Whoopi Goldberg and Marlee Matlin. They joined Chris Rock and George Lopez; celebrity chef Bobby Flay; director Spike Lee; defensive end Justin Tuck from the Super Bowl champion New York Giants; celebrity softball game veteran James Denton of "Desperate Housewives;" TV correspondents Maria Menounos and AJ Calloway; and actors William Baldwin and Kyle Massey.

Major League legends included Hall of Famers Ozzie Smith; Rich "Goose" Gossage; Tony Perez; Dave Winfield; George Brett; Ernie Banks; Gary Carter; Rollie Fingers; Wade Boggs and Paul Molitor; plus seven-time All-Star Tim Raines and Yankees fan favorites Tino Martinez and Paul O'Neill.

Even I got caught up in the action:

I just finished watching the Mets on ESPN. What a solid performance. 9 wins in a row, and Pelfrey was amazing. As one fan's sign accurately read, the Rockies were "Pelfreyized" tonight. Sorry Larry, I know you like your hometown Rockies, but the Mets are rolling thunder at this point. The last time that the Mets picthing had 4 shutouts in the last 6 games, was back in 1969. And judging by the fact that they were absolutely putrid prior to that year, my guess is that we are watching, perhaps, the best compilation of Mets pitching, perhaps ever. Reyes, has driven in runs in 5 straight games, his best ever, both Carlos' went deep and the 9-game winning streak is their best since 2000. I know this is primarily a "running" blog, but I love my team, and I love when they are doing great. Die Phillies, Die!

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