Monday, July 14, 2008


16 weeks from today, my legs will look like straight "two-by-fours", but there should be a nice curvaceous smile on my face, for on Sunday, November 2, I will be participating in my 4th consecutive New York City Marathon, and 7th overall.

For this year, I have decided to give Runner's World magazine a shot, and use their 16-week training plan. Since I've already have a big base, I'm going to go for broke and use their "advanced" program. It calls for an weekly increase in a long run going up to 22 miles.

The entire program can be seen here -->,7120,s6-238-244-255-6946-0,00.html Just scroll towards the bottom, it's the "advanced" program.

I love the first day of the program. Take a look....

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