Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ever Have One Of These Days?

When it comes to preparing for a race, we all have the best intentions, don't we?
Yesterday, I started my first week of training for the NYC Marathon. Monday was a day off, but today I was supposed to run 9 miles at an 9:33 pace.

It never happened. I could not wake up this morning. Did not have enough time during lunch to do 9 miles, and tonight. Whoa, tonight.

My Garmin was near death. I never charged it fully. I'm also notorious for waiting until the last minute to turn my Garmin on, because I'm afraid the battery will die before the end of my run. However, I wait too late, and then I have to waste precious time just waiting around until the satellites link up with my Garmie. I am a Garmin Retard.

So, while I waited, I decided to do some stuff around the house. 7pm, 7:15pm, 7:30pm. Finally, and at 7:40pm, I figured I had juiced the Garmin enough. I put on my iPod, took my Garmin, and left.

And then I came right back.

After stopping twice on the elevator ride down, and walking outside I noticed that my iPod was dead. Guess I never charged it after Sunday's race. So I buzzed to get back into the building, and took Ily's iPod. Then I went back to the elevator. Whoops. I forgot my towel and my headpiece. Since it was 84 degrees outside, I definitely needed that stuff.

I left again, and headed downstairs. I leave the building. Whoops. I still had the uncharged iPod on my left forearm, while now wearing Ily's iPod that was on my hip. Running with two iPods? Now that's retarded! What will people think?

I buzzed to get back in the building and back up the elevator. Ileana opened the door and I gave her the 2nd iPod, then I left again.

And went back downstairs.
And left through the front door.
And turned on my Garmin.
And turned the corner to begin my run.

And then....
My Garmin died.
So much for that charge, right?
Now I had no time, the sun was going down, no GPS, and the music playing in the background was Julio Iglesias. What kind of an ass would I have to be to get all "charged" up by a love ballad by Julio released in 1976?
And now I was going to miss the All-Star Game too.

Done. I'm pissed. And Done. Not going to run tonight. Too many mental mistakes. Too many issues.

To add woe to insult, I now can tell you that a drained battery has nothing to do with why my iPod is dead. I just tried to charge this puppy for the last hour, and no go. I will now need to contact Apple. Ay Vay!

AUTHOR UPDATE: Well, I got my iPod to work again. But I've eaten more food tonight, and did not run. Tomorrow at 5am. Have to run. This is a lousy start to my training. Boo.


Marci said...

I have come off of four days like this.. LOL. You know I think we should listen to our bodies, sometimes after a break in the schedule, you come back renewed and refreshed.

Alex Gonzalez said...

You were right Marci. I ran 9 miles this morning, and other than a blister I got on my right foot (probably from getting used to these new sneaks), I'd have to say it was a high quality run.