Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Blah Days of Summer.

Not having the time to do my long run, I'm not entirely sad. I have the LI Corp Race in 2 days, and I don't want to be burning myself out before it happens.

And still....

It's like the blah's. My competitiveness is in a funk. I am not feeling interested right now. Blogs, Runs, etc. All I want are rooms with plenty of AC. And pizza.

I'm about to leave this morning to go and collect my friends, who right now, as I write, are running the Nike NYC Half. I even placed them on my alert list, so as to see how fast they are running, and to give me a sense of about what time they might make it into Battery Park. It's going to be a zoo over there (west side), so I plan to head out in a few minutes and either BQE or FDR it down there.

My project over in Connecticut this weekend was a smash. Ileana's having a nice time at her cousin's house in North Carolina.

Somebody please. Put on the Rocky soundtrack, or tell me something inspiring, as I am utterly lacking of any motivation (totally not me). Perhaps, I need to watch the three fundamental R's of sports, "Rudy", "Rocky" and the "Rookie" all in a row.

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DGA said...

Glad to know that Rocky inspires you to run. However, don't discriminate and give Bullwinkle equal time!