Thursday, July 24, 2008


The long days of summer are here. And no, I don't mean the heat (although it's fairly soupy out there). It's the work. We've got all kinds of projects sprouting between now and September. Exciting stuff, albeit it eats up much of my potential spare time. Unfortunately, It's taken a toll on my running and my blogging.

I do have a big race next Tuesday evening. The corporate challenge race in Long Island. Let me tell you; these next 2 weeks are going to be insane.

To start with, I am writing to you from my hotel room in Wallingford, CT. We have a project up here, and I will be here until Monday. Ileana could not make it. Just as well. Things have not been going so well between us for quite awhile now.
Then and on the 31st, I am hosting a pizza party at my house. So far, there's 7 of us and building. It's all for another event that I am hosting, the theatrical premiere of Dean Karnazes' Ultramarathon Man: 50 Marathons, 50 States, 50 Days. It's playing at the Austin Theatre at Lefferts Blvd.

Then, and on August 2nd, I have an 18 mile run or 3 loops around Central Park for the NYRR's club. This is an important training run for the NYC Marathon, and also for the huge race I'm doing on September 21st, the Distance Run, in Philadelphia.

Later on during the same day, I am taking the kids to see the Brooklyn Cyclone (Mets) take on the Staten Island Yankees. I've been the overall coordinator of this project, and 20 members and their friends and families from our Forest Park Road Runners Club. I assumed organization of this event, and was suprised to see how quick all the tickets went. Group Sales had assured me that our name will be up on the scoreboard during the 4th inning, and today I confirmed that they may also have additional tickets in section 22 box (just behind our section), in case more members want to go.

Then, and on the 12th of August, I will be going to see Boston/REO Speedwagon. This is followed by Journey/Cheap Trick/Heart on Augu 14th.

I saw the Batman movie the other day. It was excellent. Not sure if it was the best movie EVER made, which is what the poll over at IMDB.COM is saying based on over 120000 voters, but it is EASILY, the best comic book movie ever made.

Let's see. Oh yea. Running. Hell this is a running blog is it not?

I was supposed to run tonight, and all I could do was 5 miles on the treadmill here at the hotel. Blecchhh. I hate treadmills. To play it safe, I've already brought with me my Mizuno Wave Riders, my New Balance 1123's and my Asica Gel Nimbus 10 sneaks, so I'm prepared for whatever run I may decide upon while I'm up here in boring Connecticut.

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Laura said...

Sorry you're bored in CT, but hopefully you can alleviate the boredom by checking out some new running paths! I love exploring when I'm traveling.