Sunday, July 27, 2008

Don't Let This Happen To You...

Of course this is easier said than done. There have been many times, like with the Quantum Feet race a few months back, where I've abandoned the "stop" switch on my vitals. Going all out when there's already nothing left. Not too smart. Although, then again it was for a trophy....DISCLAIMER: I AM NUTS. DO NOT LISTEN TO ME.

Okay. Now you may listen again...If it's hot, please try to stay cool. Stay hydrated. Take some salt packets and put them in plastic baggies. Salt's delays the release of important nutrients that quickly escape when you sweat or drink. Also, wear a visor. And for Peter, Paul and Mary's sake, listen to your heart, listen to your lungs, and listen to your head. If you feel dizzy, slow down or stop. And if you can't listen to any of this smart shit, then turn your iPod down and try again.

I felt really bad for this fellow runner because he was only 200 yards from the finish. I would love to know if NYRR gave him a medal or not, but in the meantime, here's wishing for a speedy recovery for him.

Massive Teff-eatin' Tadesse Tola breaks the tape to win the 2008 Nike NYC Half-Marathon at Battery Park today.

Today was a bit of a half-marathon for me as well. Looking for parking around Battery Park is no easy chore. First of all, you need to learn how to speed read. A plethora of signs written to confuse mixed with angry drivers behind you wanting to move around you but unable to because of narrow windy streets, does not make for a happy driving experience. 45 minutes later, I found a spot near the corner of Wall and William Streets. I made my way down to Battery Park, where the runners were finishing, and went halfway across the overpass on West Street where I snapped up these photos:

I was looking for Scott, Bonnie, Vince, whomever I could find wearing our FPRR shirt, and did not see anyone, hence, the abundance of arbitrary photos that I was taking. But in the end, however fuzzy it may have been, I hit the jackpot with Scott's final 200 yards... Hey! Is that him in the northeast quadrant of runners in white, wearing that "Let's Get Physical" Olivia Newton John headband? Hold on.....Let's take a closer look......

Yes. I would have to say that by his MP3 armband and what looks to also be his Garmin, that was indeed him. Nice job, Canon!

The finish area was a zoo. Though having taken that photo of Scott, I did not see him, nor did I see anyone else for that matter. After leaving a few voicemails (including one from Moisture Alou this morning, wishing Scott to not break a leg as Moisture all but has), I finally get a call back from him by the baggage area. Seeing him all tired and shit, made me feel great that I felt better than ever after a Half-Marathon. Of course, I didn't run anything at all today, but those are small details one has to overlook.

We made our way over to the goody bag area, and I shamelessly accepted one that was given to me. The apple sucked, but the water and the pretzels were greatly appreciated. It wasn't too hot outside, but the humidity blew chunks, if you get my not-so-subtle drift.

We also had some disgusting protein bar that they were giving out. I think it was called Heavenly. It should have been called Deadly instead. The only difference between this performance bar and dog poop, is that the owner at least had the decency of picking up after his dog as opposed to wrapping it up in Madison Avenue tinfoil and passing it for human consumption.

Tom Brogan actually saw me first in the grassy area near the Jamba Juice station. Then, Bonnie finally called and then we saw her too. Then Vince, who teaches Chi Running, came upon us too. Before long the whole team was around...

Team Photo of Finishers: Peggy and her son also finished strong. Congrats everyone!

So, yes. I did want to run this race fairly badly, but considering I have the Corporate Challenge in Jones Beach on Tuesday night, it was probably for the best.

After we left, and got to the car, we drove over the Brooklyn Bridge (best bridge in NY) and headed onto the BQE. Surprisingly, the BQE was moving and so was the LIE. After dropping off Vince, Scott and I decided to go to this place he recommended called New Park Pizza.

The rain had started coming down. Hard. And then it was really coming down. The best was while we were eating, and hail started coming down like mini ping-pong balls. Guess the idea of going to the beach was out after all.

Our next Forest Park Road Runner "event", after the Wednesday night run that is, will be the July 31st premiere of UltraMarathon Man at the Kew Gardens Cinemas. This will be preceeded by Dani's Pizza at my place. Having read half the book already, it should be a good movie too!

FINAL NOTE: Mets up 8-1 and Tatis just got a Triple. How I wish I had been at this game! LET'S GO METS!!! ....... Now it's 9-1. Woo Hoo!


Laura said...

I am VERY glad I was staffed at mile 1 and 7 instead of at the end. I was really scared of what I would need to do if a runner went down!

DGA said...

I have a question for you. Does the city provide easy parking to the marathoners to leave their cars close to the race? Or are they stll the same kind of pricks they were in the 80s and 90s?