Thursday, June 12, 2008

Viva Fidel

Sometimes I run out of inspiration. Other times it's guilt. After having a nice wholesome bowl of Ethiopian Teff this morning, I follwed it up with a nice juicy double cheesed pattied burge at Wendy's. That and oh yes and fries too.

Lunchtime is like a call of the wild to me. Driving down route 110 to get the gym, is like walking to meet St. Peter at the gate, only to pass several hundred Penthouse model nymphomaniacs along the way. .."Betcha can't have one", "Have it your way", "Buy em buy the sack", "Finger licking good". Many times I fail along this truck-laden, heavily trafficked route. So instead of burning 400 calories, I wind up eating 800.

But, this is my crucible. It's what turns me from a 20 game winner, to a .500 picture. I love food even more than I like running.

Today I ran another 10 miles. Insane. Using my Garmie (finally fully charged) I decided to go out and break up my runs into five, 2 mile segments.

By the way, anyone like Fidel Castro? On the track tonight I saw a heavy set latina parading around with a shirt honoring Fidel Castro, with a flag of Cuba in the background.

At one point in Victory Field, I decided to pick up the pace for one lap around the oval. I did surprisingly well. 1:38 and my heart wasn't even beating that fast!

My father's day race is less than 3 days away. I can't wait for it, and I can't wait to see my daughter run. My kids are so great. I know for example that she is running to make me happy. And speaking of race, I forgot to mention that I really enjoyed watching the Belmont last week. Horse racing looks fun, and can be quite addictive too!

I've been seeing a lot of billboards lately. One of them for the movie, "Hulk" looks like a movie my kids may want to see.

Anyway, that's all I have to say..........for now.

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DGA said...

Now, this is the kind of blog I enjoy reading. Very creative and funny. Good job on the assault to The Mets They truly stink.
Also...STOP FREQUENTING FAST FOOD CHAIN GARBAGE DUMPS! They are the worst for your health! If you get hungry eat something else but avoid junk food, unless you want to become junk too!