Saturday, May 10, 2008

Day with the Cousins

I took the day off from work today because Ileana's cousins, Caridad and Ray, came in from Michigan and Tennessee. Ray works as an Industrial Engineer at GM near Nashville, and while I still can't figure out what his job responsibility is, I do know it's important enough (at least I hope) for him to spend all but every other weekend away from his wife. Cari also works too, and keeps their beautiful house Flint in order. Together, they both came from their own places for a wedding in New Jersey. Here's a beautiful picture of their house in Michigan, by the way:

It was after a big snowfall, but I'd rather take that then the weather we had here today. The weather was horrible. The worst day of the year for sure. It rained, hard, all day long. The wind was no less than 30 miles per hour.

We had planned all along to see the World Trade Center site because Cari had not been in NY
since 1988 (2o years!). Ray didn't seemed as thrilled. In fact, all he kept saying was how he hated New York. He sounded eerily familiar to my father, and yes, unfortunately to many who left New York. I don't hold opinions personal, and truthfully I can see how people who leave a place do so, because it might not have been their cup of tea. I, for one, can't stand the Bronx, or all of the bad memories it brings to me. Ray grew up in Newark, NJ however, so I still don't get it. Also....ain't that a nice thing to repeating over and over all day long to your hosts who come from that particular city? My father once told me that if you didn't have anything nice to say, then don't say it. I also found out he was a staunch republican and thought Obama was unvotable, and that a vote for Hilary is like a vote for Bill. He also mentioned that Bill did nothing his last 4 years in office. I agree. Every republican quit their jobs the moment they found out Bill's involvement with Lewinsky, to prosecute him. How could Bill possibly be allowed to do anything, when he was forced to defend a defensless position? However, it shows you how much work for the people the Republicans had to do at that time. Which, like always, is ZERO.

Personally, Republicans should take care of their own, like Vito Fossella, the Republican from Staten Island. He seems to foster secret children with his ongoing affairs, wherever he goes.

But I digress.

When they came over, we did have a nice time. We broke open a bottle of wine, and did a nice little spread. Afterwards, and per Cari's request, we rode the subway to Chambers street to see the WTC site.

The wind was deplorable. It broke one of the umbrellas that Ileana had. Cari and Ray were not anticipating the weather, so I leant them each one of my coats (for like I had mentioned earlier that Ray is not a fan of New York of any kind).

We finally got to the World Trade Center. It was raining like heck (see photos below). We quickly went into the skypath (or what was left of it after 9/11) and took some pictures from the warmth and windless safety within..

Looking back at the remaining piece of the Skywalk.

As always traffic, is a major headache in a major city like New York. Especially with weather like this.

It looks like there was a lot of progress made. Ray felt that there is no way that New York would complete it's mission of rebuilding the World Trade Center by 2012. True, it did seem a bit lofty, but so far it looked as if though there was a lot of progress being made. I bet Ray a six pack of any beer of his choice (it will probably be Budweiser, lol).

Ray got us a couple of grilled Sabrett hot dogs. Tasty as always.

After we were done, we took the train back home. Shortly thereafter, I drove us all back to NYC in the Caddy. But this time it was for the much warmer confines of El Rio Grande Restaurant. This is the best Mexican restaurant I've ever been to. I've been to many, and I've been to Rio Grande a half-dozen times. They never fail to impress. Besitos makes the best Guacamole however...

After a few rounds of margaritas, and some delicious food, to include the Mushroom, Spinach and Chesse Quesadilla, plus Steak Fajitas & Chimichangas, I paid the bill, and we left for picture taking through a little tour of NY. Surprisingly enough, Ray took plenty of pictures of Times Square, Radio City, etc. Meanwhile, in the car, Ileana was on a roll, yelling that all men were dogs (in a joking manner of course-but yelling), plus all the other nonsensical doggerel one hears from one who is "drunk". But I let her go wild. After all, I didn't try to stop my guest from his continuous battering of my city, right? I think Ileana did get to him however, because he finally started to say in the car that all women were bitches. At this point, I am cracking up, so I joined in the racous conversation, and even sided with Ray about this. Everyone was joking around, and so I felt it was my time to throw my sober hat in this ring of unintelligible inebriation.

Although the weather did suck...

One thing for sure.....I did not miss out on the opportunity to run. I ran 9 miles in the morning. Regardless of event, or situation, I am much better at squeezing in my runs. This increase in discipline is a good sign for me.

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