Saturday, May 10, 2008

Inaugural Run: Central Park Reservoir Run

LOCATION: Jackie Onassis (Central Park)
Reservoir, Central Park, NY
DISTANCE: 1.6 Miles
DATE: May 10, 2008

It has been awhile since I've made an "INAUGURAL" submission. I remember at one point last year, putting in like 5 like posts within a month. As the temperatures have started to warm up, I will probably be looking at revisiting some of last years inaugural runs, plus adding new ones, for this year.

I ran 6 miles (4 with the Forest Park Road Runners group) this morning. Carol, ran excellent this morning. She didn't believe me when I told her that she had me winded, but she did. When she was running she was at a sub-8 pace. I continued on, and did 2 more miles to the Oak Ridge house and back. After I finished, I came back home and showered. Then, I went right back out with a picnic basket in hand. At first I was going to go back to Forest Park, but only I knew that there was a high school track meet (I saw runners from St. Francis Prep there!) No. I had another place in mind? Destination? Central Park! I figured what a better way to remove all that negative energy of what a lousy city New York is, by going to the best and perhaps one of the oldest parks around.

We drove in, and found parking right away on Fred Lebow Place (which is 89th, between Madison & Fifth Avenues). Here's a pic of me in front of the NYRR building.

She was laughing as she took it..Apparently it was because I was barely in that picture!There. That is much, much, better. Now everyone in the world can see my chicken legs.

The weather was cool, and with no wind, it was delightful. I loved it. 62 degrees is still good weather to run in (not too warm, that is). The reservoir had a lot of puddles (not so good), but there were a lot of runners and walkers out there, so it was a very encouraging sign. While Ily walked, I tore up the reservoir (at my capabilities, that is) going through two loops in less than 8 minutes per mile.

Once we finished, we walked back to the car, and got our picnic basket and chairs. We walked south for a bit, before setting up in the Great Lawn, but looking at East Drive, where all the runners, walkers, rollerbladers, and cyclists were sharing the road.

It amazes me how many people are health conscious in Manhattan. Non-stop action along the drive all day.

Everyone was out and about as these two even ventured to walk with weights.

Fortunately, this video (which has nothing to do with anything) was not filmed in Central Park. An Alligator on one end, a Lion at the other, and in between? Just take a look...

And speaking of eating.....We had a nice lunch, and pretty healthy too. At the Baker's Deli near our house, I had ordered a whole-wheat wrap stuffed with egg whites, spinach and low fat swiss cheese. It was great. Washed it back with a Diet Snapple and I suddenly felt that I made up for that frozen margarita I had yesterday with the cousins.

We played Uno. And I won this time. I ran out onto East Drive and did a victory dance. I came back and tried to take a picture of her, but, as always, she hid. What's the big deal anyway?

What became the big deal however, was that she suddenly had the urge to go...but where oh where were the toilets? We wound up walking all the way south to 79th street before we found a bathroom. Just to be a complete ass, I figured I would make up for my inability to get a shot of her face, by being a public-park-toilet paparazzi and snapping off the camera as soon as she head for the exit door.
After we finished I decided to give the Super Runners shop a try to see if they had any sales, and they had some great sales. I picked up several shorts that were greatly discounted. I know have full shirt & short sets. I am all set for the remainder of 2008 and beyond as far as I am concerned.

Today was another good day for activity. Between my 2 tempo runs and my walk, I did 11 miles. That's 23 miles in 2 days, and I am feeling great. Perhaps, I will do a long run to finish off with running with the group tomorrow. I'll see how I am feeling tomorrow.

Mets split the double header....Meanwhile the Marlins keep on winning.....Ugh.....

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