Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'm Running To Cuba!

I've got a lot to say tonight. I fell asleep last night at 9pm, and did not run a second time yesterday. This morning, I woke up this morning feeling dead to the world. Being on a diet doesn't help much either.

As the day progressed, I felt my opportunities to run slipping away. It was very busy in the office, but I had to call my grandmother because she was sick.

My grandmother is 91 years young (God Bless her). She lives all alone, and likes it that way, but every so often needs a hand from time to time. For all that she has been in my life, I could and would never deny her a request.

So now, I was leaving my office to go to and get her Ensure and a pack of bananas (lol) since she (like I) has issues with potassium.

Running tonight looked all but over, until and on my way, I realized that I needed to run at least 7 miles tonight to keep pace with journey to 1500. I ran 7 miles last night, and only needed one more to virtually get to my father's house in Florida.

But I felt that it was time to go out and R&R instead. Plus the Cowboys were playing the Packers tonight, so I figured it was time to throw the diet away for a day, and head over to the Kew Club (great bar) for some dog food (ie. wings) and beer. Ileana was feeling under the weather though, and mentioned to me that she just wanted to sleep.

And now comes the moment.

I am a very competitive person, but more than that, I am fair and just and believe in doing things the right way. There is a certain someone, I wont mention names but
I will tell you that he is a fellow member my RunningAhead club that has absolutely no business belonging in a particular club within the community. The club is called the 1000km club. The club goal is to reach an annual total of 1000km in running/walking, etal. And while there are no rules that require him to do so, it is only (I think) proper etiquette, to leave the group once you have reached that goal, to allow others the ability to lead the group themselves, as they get closer to that goal. 1000km translates to 621 miles. This individual had run 1213 miles.
As I was leaving my poor grandmother (at least with a smile on her face), I noticed that this individual (who lives across the pond from me) tacked on another 15 miles. Wow. Not too shabby. But do you think that you STILL need to be in the 1000km group?

Therefore my DISHONORABLE MENTION goes to that individual who likes to play hardball, but refuses to give the little guy the ability to lead in the smaller mileage groups. Oh, and by the way, this is the report that I am referring to:

And now for the HONORABLE MENTION. Not to toot my own horn, but after seeing what I saw on my Blackberry tonight, I was given new life. Suddenly, my legs were feeling golden again, my lungs clear, my heart strong. I cruised over to the LA Fitness gym
as fast as I could to put on what some would call, a "clinic".

Tonight my friends, I did 15 miles on the treadmill.

LifeStyle treadmills are great, but like the others, they suck at one thing. After an hour, they start to go into warm-down mode. You have to stop the treadmill completely (which really sucks on my knees especially) and start all over again. Plus you lose a little bit of time if you are not careful. I had to do this twice, because my 15 mile run lasted 2 hours 11 minutes 26 seconds (for an 8:47 pace).

This run was faster than my half way mark at the New York City Marathon. Whereas I was conserving my energy in that run for the second half, I was letting my hair down some tonight. I will tell you that I am feeling great even know as I write to you, and plan on running running running, especially because I refuse to lose to pathetic people who love to stay in groups that they have no business in being in. If you are still unsure as to who I am talking about, just follow the link above, or perhaps better still, take a look at the picture at the top of my blog.

I really should be thanking him actually. He gives me a lot of added inspiration to the lots that I have already. As for why I haven't been running outside, the answer is simple: Living in New York is tough enough to run in the streets, but add darkness, and it becomes dangerous. If you're running through the traffic, you have the cars to worry about, and if you are running through trails or parks, you got even more things to worry about, and for those of you fellow New Yorkers who love the Big Apple as much as I, you unfortunately know what I am talking about.

My run tonight on the treadmill was the second longest run to the run I did on the treadmill in Mexico on October 1.

Tonight also marked a new record for most miles ran in one month, 177.3 which bested my previous mark of 165.1 back in August (and I still have tomorrow to tack on some more-AND I WILL)

I know it sounds silly but something about this identity has actually made me feel more carefree and more responsible about my running.

Finally, and regarding the "Cuba" title. I ran past my Dad's house today. If I can hit the cherised 1500 mile mark, then that would be like going to Cuba!
Beware of the Blog...Runner!!!


DGA said...

Excellent! If you continue running like this you may make it to Beijing for the Olympics, before anybody else gets there!

I notice somebodi may be cheating and that makes you mad. Good! you'll be breaking records just to make him cheat some more till he runs out of tricks.

OK BLOGRUNNER what's with the logo?
Is that a sock bearing a "B"? Also...that running shoe looks like
Michael Jordan's one. Just a thought...When you get to CUBA make sure you have a passport to get back here!

DGA said...

somebodi. lol SOMEBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!