Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A new identity

I was getting pretty bored with "AlexGonzalez0709" as my name on www.runningahead.com. Everyone has great names, Thunder, Bonkin, Zoom-Zoom, LifesABeach, etc. So I figured it was time to get a new identity.

Feeling a little bit unsure, I IM'd with my father, friend, and spiritual advisor.
There were a lot of names that did not make the list:

1 feets of fury
2 somebody stop me
3 the asphalt warrior
4 the concrete warrior
5 tar stomper
6 unbreakable
7 feets of fury
8 accumileator
9 BlogRunner
10 The StompMaster
11 The Flying Gonzini
12 TrueFeet
13 The White Comet
14 The Black Ajax
15 The Accumulator
16 Devourmiles
17 BloodRunner
18 Mile Eater

As you can see, some of these names were absolutely silly (like the Black Ajax. lol), but in the end it came down to 2 choices, The Asphalt Warrior or BLOGRUNNER.

The envelope please.....


My new identity. And it should work well, after all I post blogs nearly as much as I post miles. Also, I like how it sounds so much like Blade Runner too.

I need to get a logo now to go with the new identity. If anyone has any ideas, or would like to send me a logo, just leave me a comment and I'll be happy to reach out to you.

I ran twice today. At lunch and after dinner tonight. I have not let up. On a tear. Don't know how long this power surge will last, but I am keeping a close watch on all used body parts, and so far, so good.

This is BLOGRUNNER signing off.

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