Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bring Out 'Yer Dead!

Yes folks, it's that time again already. Time to shake them legs after last week's adventure through the five boroughs. It was cold this morning, so I decided to wear my Black and flourescent Green-Yellow tights. I look a little bit like Spiderman, no?

Anyway, today's jog was through Forest Hills Gardens for a crisp 3 mile run. Since, I haven't done one in a while, I figured I'd do a tempo run. For the most part, this Garmin 305 watch is the bomb. My 305 kept close tabs on me the entire time of my run, and was very accurate in measuring me up. I was getting beeped to "Slow Down" the entire way because I kept pacing faster than 8:30 per mile that was set for last week. Very funny.

The worst part of my run was freezing my ass waiting to get an uplink on my Garmin 305....

The best part of my run is that it was a great feeling to know that I am fully recovered from the Marathon last week. Plus, I really liked how I got faster as the run went onward.

I need to unlock the secret within my body that will allow me to somehow replicate these averages over a 26.2 mile distance. That to me, would be the ultimate. The "holy grail" of all my runnings.

1 mile 8:15
1 mile 8:11
1 mile 8:09
.21 miles 1:37 pace 7:32

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