Monday, November 12, 2007

What A Ham! Photos from the NYC Marathon.

I ran pretty hard tonight for 5 miles. But I also added Leg Curls to strengthen my hammys too. 40 pounds x 10 reps before and 20 pounds x 10 reps after. Also did Abs in the morning too. I am definitely on a mission, even though I am a long way off (May 4, then November 2, 2008).

But now, and without further wait. My sweaty pictures taken of me during my race are finally in. These are the small versions of them....

So take a look below. Can you find where I am?
<- I'm not here. <-Not here either. <-Nope. <-Nyet.

<-Getting Warmer.

<-Getting like Miami Beach in July. <-The defiantly fisted man!!!!

So here I am now holding up 2, #1 fingers. Turns out my finishing time ended in :11 seconds. Funny!

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