Thursday, November 8, 2007

Is this an OCD?

Recently, I have been told that I am getting too obsessive about my sport. That for me this is great because it's what I like, but that it's not necessarily what anyone else would like.

I do agree that this is a one-sided blog. But then again, the blog is about running. If anyone out there is looking to find out about microwave ovens, they are not going to type "running shoes" in Google. Conversely, if someone is looking for articles about how to train for a marathon, then they are not going to punch in "What is the combined professional record of the local Miami teams" in Ask Dr. Jeeves either. ( And by the way the answer to that question is 0 WINS and 13 LOSSES, Dolphins= 0-9 and Heat=0-4).

This blog is really something that I write for myself. It is an open diary of thoughts and ideas related to running, and it's basically another tool or training apparatus to improve at one of the things I love most. Fortunately for me, I happen to love a lot of other things besides running. Good wine, good food, good music, and good baseball just to name a few (I could even add to that list good women - but that would not be to nice to my current GF). Unfortunately for all of you that care about those things, I just don't have the time to write about it either. There is a fine line between living, and writing about your living, and if one jumps over too much over that line, they wind up writing about writing, which is kinda what I am doing now, aren't I?

Someone once said, in order to excel above the rest at any one thing, you, you must love that one thing. Everything else is number two. I don't subscribe to that naturally. I'm an equal opportunity lover and enjoy a bit many things.

But a few things are for sure. This is a blog of running. It is written by a runner, and it is meant for those who enjoy the sport or perhaps even the involvement of such activity. Again, if I were obsessed with writing about the worst professional sports teams in history, then I would write a blog about the Miami Dolphins or the Miami Heat. If I were obsessed about overly-inflated basketball heroes, then my blog colors would be black and red, and the initials of MJ would be monogrammed throughout my postings. If I wanted to talk about the curse of the Goat, then my website would be about the Chicago Cubs. But it isn't. I'm here to talk about the positives! And to me, what is positive in my life is my ability to do something good, like to run.

And if I have offended any Chicagoans or Floridians out there, then I do apologize. It was not my intent to hurt, rather it was just to explain to whoever feels that I am a bit obsessed, that I am in fact obsessed. Obsessed with the desire to be the best at something that I love. And that means that I will not budge to peer pressure.....even if Michael Jordan were now credited to solving world hunger too....

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DGA said...

I thought this blog was great! It was different and refreshing. You were able to use a criticism by someone to write something different and entertaining. Sometimes it is good to change the pace and you did it (no punt intended). I really liked this blog!