Sunday, July 22, 2007

NYC Marathon Training: Week 1 Summary / Week 2 Schedule

Week One Completed

22.0 miles
Actual: 23.0 miles

High: 161.8
Low: 159.2

Despite the massive rain storm, I was able to get all my runs in and on the right dates. Sleep wise, I did okay too. 53 hours out of the 56 required. I stretched after all but 1 of my runs, and I made sure to watch my speed/effort during the runs. I made good improvements all the way around except for my weight. I had wanted to lose more than a couple of pounds, but it was a stressful week, and usually stress=eating for me. However, it was an uneventful week running-wise, and that's exactly what my goal is.....To Make Progress Without Making Waves...

Here's a look ahead for the coming week:

Week 2 Schedule:

It will be very interesting to see how I do. I've created 4 new routes, which will all be tested. Since running by yourself can be quite boring, I want to make sure that I have plenty
of different routes to make sure I at least have some new scenery to look at. Of course, I won't want to look at anything but a treadmill, when real bad weather hits (like it did last Thursday) and for that there is always the gym.
So, with 4 new routes, there will undoubtedly be at least 5 new blogs entries this week too. I'll be posting here with the latest blow-by-blow account.
On the racing newsfront, the heat is turning up (literally) for the 2nd ever New York City Half Marathon, which starts of in Central Park, but then makes it's way through Times Square, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, before finally finishing in Battery Park. No other race in New York goes through all these areas, and, I just learned something else.....Shelby Siegel is a confirmed entrant in that race.
Unfortunately, our paths (Shelby and I) have taken off in two different directions since May. I became injured and have decided to take the very conservative approach (at least for now) of not re-injuring myself, while Shebly has been destroying race courses left and right.
In fact, in her last three races, she not only has posted PR times, but she even trophied in one of them. I have to really tip my cap off to her, it seems that she has found the winning formula. Shelby, if you by chance happen to ever stumble across this article of mine, would you be willing to give 42-year old native New Yorker a hand and let me know your secret (or, lol, your coaches' name.)? Shelby happens to belong to The New York Harriers, and I'm beginning to think they are a very supportive track club. Unfortunately, they are based out of Manhattan, so it would probably be impractical to join from Queens.

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DGA said...

First of all, Shelby is younger than you. So don't expect miracles.
Second, you need to lose another 5 pounds. The rule of thumb is that for every pound you lose, you gain
1 minute in your race. I know this from my times at I.P.E. I never liked running but I knew it from my track coach. Remember I told you I used to throw the shot-put and the discus (unfortunately the rule was totally the reverse on those two modalities, and I never weighed more than 150 Lbs.)
And it is you are doing, in my opinion, great. Plato's (the Greek philosopher) used to say: "MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO". If you don't know Latin (no relationship with salsa music),try to figure it out. Clue: It helps to have control of your life.