Sunday, July 22, 2007

Inaugural Training Run: The Presidential Run, Kew Gardens, NY

I sweat like a humidifier.

Even with the humidity at only 41%, I sweated my you-know-whats-off.

This was a nice little trek. Mile-and-a-half out. Mile-and-a-half-back. Totally different scenery today. Whereas yesterday was a run through beautiful houses, sandy beaches, and parks everywhere, today's run was one of going through a brownstone jungle of brick and concrete pre-war tenement apartments in Queens.
The journey starts going up to Kew Gardens Rd, and making a quick right down 83rd Ave. The big white building (row 1, middle) is Arnold Langer's (a friend of my fathers). Crossing Queens Blvd., I pass the Criminal Court hourse (row 1, right). Nothing but houses on Coolidge, and brownstones on Hoover. A boring run, but with all the trees, I was almost in the shade the entire time. Also there was very little traffic on these residential streets. Overall, it's a good course, for short runs on real hot, sunny days. Coolidge & Hoover. Two Presidents. Both infinitely better then GW Bush....

< - Ghost of GOOD Presidents ...(because of course, the one we have in office now (George W. Bush) is the WORST President in American History).

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Anonymous said...

How dare you to criticize our commander in chief? He is the best thing that ever happened to Osama Bin Laden! Need I say more?