Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Inaugural Training Run: Forest Hills Northside "4"

Course: Forest Hills Northside "4"
Towns: Forest Hills, Kew Gardens.
Distance: 4 miles.
Date: Tuesday, July 24, 2007.
Time: 06:20 am.
Weather: 62F, 79% Hum.
Course Path: (left, center)
Elevations: (left, bottom)

A "blast from my past" is probably a better name to give this course.

I ran past the old apartment where I used to live, past Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, and past one of my first jobs, Spanish Heritage Tours.

The weather was cooler than originally expected, and more humid too. I had some added challenges too. There were many puddles on the path along Meadow Lake, thanks to the heavy rain the day before.

Despite the 7.5 hours of sleep the night before (10:20p-5:50a), it still took me awhile to wake up. When I did, I was still running a bit sluggish and all I kept thinking was how I need to lose some weight fast. No dead animals anywhere today (a first) but as I was going west on the GCP S.Service Road, I thought I had spotted a squashed squirrel. Once I got closer, I realized it was someone who had discarded pink Owens-Corning fibreglass insulation...Stupid me.

The run was fairly interesting except there are cars to watch out for. This is also
not a good course to run in during a rain shower the day of, or day before either.

Passing my old apartment on 72-11 110st, was definitely a "moment" for me.
I decided to use it for the exercise of blocking things out to focus on my running.
I think I did a pretty good job. Notice that big yellow building below? That's the Kennedy Building. It stood right across the street from my bedroom window.
That was 30 years ago.

The good thing about this run is that there is a lot to look at and it's not a boring run.
There will be much better runs, but this one is good to have on fairly cool, dry days.

Pictures from the run:

Glass bldg on QnsBlvd S. & Union.......... Descent down Peartree Rd........... The GCP S. Service Road

Passing Jewel Avenue.................Heading down 69th towards the south of Flushing Meadow Park

Unexpected "lakes" across the Meadow Lake path made for a challenging run...1965 World's Fair

No one was out here this morning.......Ran across this field............. to get to this overpass.

Crossing over the GCP................The field at Forest Hills HS and .....Forest Hills High School

Last place I lived with my mom. 72-11 110th street..........................My room was 2nd flr left center.

My grammar school - OLQM................This used to be S.H.Tours..........Finishing up Kew Gardens Rd.

My first race in 2 months is in 7 days. It's a 3.5 miler in Jones Beach State Park. I am
representing my company. If I can lose 5 pounds and get to 155 by next Tuesday,
I should be in great shape. I will probably skip dinner tonight, which should be easy
since Ileana is going for a colonoscopy tomorrow.

The run, plus the remaining kilometer walk, put me back in the 1000Km club lead again.
This one will be a dogfight for sure.

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DGA said...

Hey! I got an idea....Have Ileana schedule a colonoscopy a month and you'll lose at least 4 more lbs.!
By the way....is that Kennedy Bldg. still a rip off rental?