Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Central Park...On A Wednesday Night....What Dah???

Driven by factors for which I will not release, but rather to entice my reading community as to perhaps the reasons why....I ran in Central Park tonight, on a weeknight. Considering that I work all the way out in Suffolk County, one might ask, "Alex, do you have a few loose screws?"

C'mon. Ask me a better question than that! We all know that my screws have been missing a long, long time ago and from a faraway galaxy too.

No there are several factors for why I ran here tonight. But for the sake of maintaining true to the blog, let's just say that Central Park is the mecca for runners!


DGA said...

I am not going to comment on this blog itself. Just a couple of lines to encourage you to continue writing. Expressing oneself, whatever the subject might be, is the best medicine there is...after golf, of course.

Anonymous said...

My first 5K race was in May 2008 and was in central park. My time was like 45 minutes....horrible. The course was incredibly hilly and I was not prepared for that.

I do love running in parks though...