Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Parking in NYC is not as hard as originally thought.

The test is over so now I may confirm. Parking around 96th street is easier then parking in Queens when I lived in Kew Gardens. At first I thought this was a fluke, but it’s been 2 solid months since Karen and I exchanged peckorinos and I never have a problem parking. And not just weekends either. In fact, weekdays have been easier. If I leave my office at 5:30, I get to the metered parking by about 7pm. Just in time for the meters to no longer be in effect!

I’ve been sleeping over Karen’s almost every night and have been talking about moving in with each other. The relationship has been going very fast, but not carelessly though. Like I said, there has been a lot of churning going on upstairs in the old muscle above my eyeballs.

Some major hurdles will need to be overcome for our master plan to be operational. Part of this plan includes my permanent relocation back to the city. This time, Manhattan.

Even as speedy as I am, there is no way that I will be able to relocate by the end of my lease (August 28th) so I have asked for a 2 month extension, and am awaiting a rider addendum to my existing lease. I will have to place most everything in storage again, until we both can relocate to a larger apartment., but that’s nothing to me. I had most of my personal belongings in storage for the 2 years (2006-2008) while I was living with my former girlfriend in Kew Gardens.

Space is going to be smaller in the city, but at least I was going to finally be rid of an unrelentingly atrocious foulness of cat scent and ammonia which perversely invaded me upon walking into the hallway of my building. Even had I not met Karen, I’m not so sure that I could have manager more than another year there.

There was cat food all over the front of the garden apartment too. This did nothing more than just bring in more stray cats, by the dozens no less, from all over the Lindenhurst-area. The environment inadvertently creating a breeding ground for more. It was a completely intolerable situation, for which I had complained to the management several times over the year I had been there, but to no avail. In the end, I would learn that the owner of the building who handled my lease, was a cat lover..

It was such that I was ashamed to bring anyone over my house. .

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