Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ahhhh Massahhhhhge.

Karen’s thirst for individual athletic challenges may only be matched by her Cum laude honors at Harvard, her drive at work, her looks, or her charm. Perhaps it’s a five-way tie. With over 100 races including 6 Marathons to highlight her amazing physical resume, she has easily done as many races as I have. Like myself, Karen has a tremendous never-say-die drive. She does acknowledge that I am a faster runner than she, but she is 10 times the cyclist that I think I’ll ever be. She is nothing short of a master of this sport. She knows all the rules, and all the in’s and out’s of bikes and equipment too. Oh, and she’s done several “century” bike tours. Century means any ride that is 100 miles or over. Uh huh.

Of course, with all of this undulated use of her body, having a membership at Equinox pays some dividends in return. Though very expensive, Karen has gotten several professional massages over there, and now, she is gifting me again for another (my 2nd) massage in as many weeks.

And it doesn’t come soon enough either. Tomorrow is the New York City Half-Marathon, the Triathlon is in 8 days, and the Century Ride to Montauk is in 14 days. Busy schedule, ehh?

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DGA said...

I had a massage too 5 years ago. Can't afford them anymore so I let the Ames brothers walk on my back for a few seconds.It's free and we all get a good laugh.
Ask Karen if she knows who is ALBERTO CONTADOR.