Thursday, August 6, 2009

Alex, You Got Some Esplanading To Do!

Tonight, I decided to try the East River Esplanade. It was very nice. The air was balmy, but there were a lot of runners out there. I started out at 96th, headed north up till I couldn't go any further, which was around 125th street, turned around and went south all the way to the Queensboro Bridge (59th street). I then turned around headed north, and cut out at around 79th street, heading down till I got to 3rd Avenue and then running north till I got home.

An interesting moment came as it was already dark and I was scampering southbound along 72nd street. I saw a large boat travelling slowly along the East River. It was slightly ahead of me. I started feeling like I could catch up to this moving boat and sped up.

Chasing the boat lasted nearly a mile. It felt like a scene out of a James Bond or Bourne Ultimatum movie. American Spy chases down criminal boat.

Seeing the Queenie Bridge dead ahead, I made it my goal to pass this boat and be the first to reach the bridge. It wasn't easy but I did it, and felt victorious.

Obviously, I have WAY too much time on my hand.

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DGA said...

Next time try to pass a galloping horse, but make sure you don't follow the same trail to avoid stepping on unwanted manure,Walter.