Saturday, April 25, 2009

Permanent Recording Into The Memory Books.

Ever had a day that was so exciting, and so much fun, that you remember it for years after you had it?

I had not rode a bike since the MS Bike-a-thon in 2004. In 2006, I moved in with Ily, but the bike stayed in storage. Goodbye bike, and goodbye cycling, for the most part.

But after I moved out in September of last year, I've had my bicycle just out side of my kitchen, waiting and biding its time to be let loose again.

Yesterday I installed the bike rack, and bought a few minor things like a repair kit and a lock for my bike at the Babylon Bike Shop.

(The psychedelic-Pink-Floyd-version of the Overlook Park section of Forest Park.....)

And today I ran. 4 miles with the Forest Park Road Runners Club. Not only was it fun to see some of the old gang members again, but this time a new twist....some of us cycled afterwards.

When all told, I did some 32 miles plus a 4 mile run. Yes Santa Lance, I can do the 5 Boro Bike Tour. BUT I STILL NEED A TICKET!!!! UGHHHHH!!!!! *doh* lol! :-P

(the views of Jamaica Bay and the Atlantic were superb. Bright sun-soaked shimmering water. I didn't feel like I was in New York City, but rather riding through one of the Florida Keys. BLISS!!!)

After having logged in a few miles already, I met Carol at Bonnie's house this afternoon, and from there the three of us were on our way south on Woodhaven Boulevard. At Jamaica Avenue, we met up with Nora "Ellie" and from there it was a straight, long ride all the way down to Rockaway Beach!

We went over two bridges in each direction. The sun was as dazzling as the temperature. The cool breeze was delightful, especially as we reached the ocean. It was a day filled with fun and joy.

(what a debonair and dashing young *ahem* 43-year old man I am. Smashing I say! *puke*)
Carol, Alex, Ellie and Bonnie.
(Carol's "Will Run For Wine" shirt, easily takes top honors in today's funny T-shirt contest!)

When we arrived upon the beach, we decided to head west on the boardwalk. We started off at 91st street and went all the way to 116th. Then we turned north, headed back east, and made our way all the way back up north on Woodhaven. The same way we came down.

At one point, I think it was near Russo's On The Bay, we all smelled some amazing BBQ, and hamburger meat. I swore I thought I was going to park my bike right there and crash their party. If you ever have a party and want some great memories, this is a great place to be in Queens.

Speaking of crashes. We didn't have any car "episodes". However, we were on Woodhaven Blvd, and when we started to cross Rockaway Blvd once the light had turned green, out of nowhere came this car barreling down Rockaway. Apparently he had run the light and was speeding up not to get hit was motorists. This jerk not only almost hit Bonnie and I, but a pedestrian too. Then, to top it all off, they driver slowed his car down, and the passenger (some dumbfuck latino) stuck his head out the window and gave us a dirty look. Of course, Anger Management 101 went right out the window for me. I called him a fucking moron, in the best New York City accent I could muster, and carried on. With all of the flower commemoratives we saw along Cross Bay Blvd. from people who needlessly died due to road accidents, I told the group that, "This idiot wanted to turn us into flowers".

Bonnie then spoke up and corrected it with;
"I think we would have been dead meat first before flowers, Alex."

She thought it over a little more, and added, "Hamburger meat first. Flowers second."

Hence, my Facebook status now reads "First comes the hamburger meat, then comes the flowers."

99.99% percent of my friends won't know what that means unless they read about it here. LOL.

So..... How do I feel?

First of all, I am very happy to report that my legs were champs today. 4 miles running + 30 miles biking, and I have no ill effects from it. If I am fortunate enough to land an entry for next week's NYC 5 Boro Bike Tour event , I think I will do just fine in knocking out all 42 miles.

Second of all, I was smart and applied a lot of SPF (70!) over my ghastly white wannabe-Irish skin of mine. The last name is Gonzalez, but with my complexion it should have been O'Gonzalez.

I do have one major pain though to speak of, and that's my back. Apparently the seat on my bike is too high. Everytime we came to a stop, my leg was not long enough to place on the ground. Eventually, the overstretching agitated my back muscles, and my back is in some serious pain. I'm back home in LI and just took a painkiller right now hoping that when I wake up tomorrow, I am in good enough shape to ride along Ocean Parkway in Long Island.

.....Skin Salvation!...
Either way, I plan to head over to the Babylon Bike Shop on Main Street in the morning to have them adjust my seat. I was able to bring it down about an inch, but I could use another 2 inches in order to be in good shape.

Once that's taken care of, my Trek 7200 Multitrack, an entry-level, albeit heavy weighing hybrid, should be perfect to ride in again.

My job is 7.5 miles from where I live. The temptation of ditching my car at home during the spring & summer work weeks, in favor of riding to work, has increased quite a bit.

75 Miles a week or more on the bike, coupled with another 30-50 road running.
I wonder what kind of an athlete I would be if I could do this, injury and pain free.

I decided to reward myself and before leaving for Long Island, so I stopped in the Austin Ale House. After this picture that I had taken of me as a proud portrait of that of a 'foodlum', I ordered. An onion and mushroom burger a baked potato, some mozza sticks, and a diet coke (always get a laugh when I say the word diet, after I've just rung out 1200 calories worth of food. LOL!).
I forgot why it was I rarely visited the Austin Ale House when I lived with Ileana for those 2 years. It is said that the meat in Argentina is the best in the world. Well, it's nice to know that the Austin Ale House recognizes this for they must have flown there and back to make my burger. When the delectable treat arrived, the burger was rare, not medium. The heel was soggy with blood, and crown was stale and overtoasted. This is a good place for Ale. Leave the rest alone.

Today may very well turn out to be a top-10 of the year day. Good weather. Good friends. Good endurance. Great karma was all-around today. Hopefully, there be plenty more for tomorrow. Time will tell! :-)

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Alex Gonzalez said...

Almost forgot to mention...I got my first ever pair of bike shorts today at a cycling store located on 82-34 Lefferts Blvd. called Gray's Bicycles & Accesories. The store is has been family owned & operated for the 49 years that it has been there. Furthermore, the lady behind the counter is the original owner from the same 49 years ago. She was the nicest woman, and I have to highly recommend them to anyone in Queens. They are open Tuesday-Saturdays from 10:30a-6:30p and Sundays from 10a-5p. Good prices, great service. Check it out!