Friday, April 24, 2009

BPM-The Second Reading.

Wednesday night was the second round of doing a Heart BPM (beats per minute) based workout.

Here were the results:

I've been hearing a lot of hubub (is that how it's spelled?) about the Annual Five-Boro Bike Tour. Unfortunately, it is sold out. Fortunately, I might still have an outside chance to get in, thanks to CraigList.

I got an email from Tom to join a literary club that he is launching soon. I am actually eager to submit some of my work, since I like to right (lol, initially I wrote "live" instead of "like", by accident). I have a lot of short stories that I had gotten stamped and approved with TX forms from the Library of Congress years back, plus I have been working on several projects.

The book I've been reading is going very well. Once complete, the review will be posted here.

Today, I took my bike and filled up the wheels with air. It's looking pretty good now. I will be doing some serious riding either tomorrow and/or Sunday. Seriously, l0oking to ride the length of Ocean Parkway. Who knows where my wheels may take me?!

The next race isn't until the end of May. The Brooklyn Half Marathon is this year being run in reverse. This means I get to eat Nathan's Hot Dogs at the finish line.

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