Friday, April 17, 2009

Goings On

Today's blog will be a true blog. Incessant ramblings, free-formed thoughts, with nothing necessarily needing to be cohesive.

I received a solitication from Harper Collins the other day about my blog. They really like what I have been writing, and realizing what an avid fan of running I am, I've been offered to review a pre-release of a book from a fellow runner. This is very new and exciting to me, so of course I said "Yes!" Well, I received the book, and started reading it last night. I'm going to review it on my blog when finished, but I've read the first 20 pages or so, and I really like what I'm reading so far. To be fair, and completely free of bias, I've decided to skip the "about me's" and "forwards" and just jump right into the book.

The wonderful part about Harper Collins, is that I am seriously mulling over the possibility of writing an autobiography. I've already have over 100 pages of material just from what you have read during my high school years, and my brain is literally exploding with material. Very exciting times.

I love this weather that we are having, but love to run with people and not alone, so I have decided to continue running at the gym, for now. This weekend's going to be in the mid-70s. I might head over to Gilgo Beach (since I have a pass for it), and soak up some rays. Not too much though. Sun makes you weak and....

I have a race this Sunday, but I may decide to take it easy. Reason? I was invited to a tri-athlete party being held over at Maritza's house this Saturday night. It starts at 6:30 over in Little Neck. I'm bringing wine. Should be fun.

Surprisingly, I didn't gain back all the weight that I thought I would. Right now, I am about 161. Not terribly bad. However....

I just can't seem to get in sync this week. I am not sleeping enough. My mind has been wandering often. I seem to involve myself with tasks that are impossible to complete in one evening, or tasks that I'm too tired to do. In a way, it used to be better when I did not live alone, because I was more compelled to go to bed when she went to bed. But since September, and especially this past week, it's been like the wild-wild west over here. I definitely need to observe a "quitting" time.

I will need to pickup my race number either tomorrow or Sunday before the race begins. There's a Forest Park RR meeting tomorow, but I don't feel like going to it, so I wont.

Being a member ("Alex David Gonzalez") since the beginning of the year, I have already reacquainted myself with MOST (but not ALL) of the important people in my life. Immaculate Conception School (around the corner from MARY LOUIS) children that I've reconnected with is going to be holding a reunion on June 27th in Manhattan. The place and exact time is yet to be determined. So far we are 30 strong and counting. This should be very exciting!

My sister Vanessa has an open invitation to come to my place if and when she ever wants to get away from it all. Carmen and her boyfriend Jim are going to be in town as of May 16th and will probably spend a few nights at my place. My parents are coming in July (well, at least that is what they are saying now...), and will probably stay over while I'm off on my unpaid furlough.

I haven't been to either of the new stadiums yet, but I am looking for cheap tickets. Better still, if you are a corporation reading this, and decide to take pity on my poor (and financially poor) soul, I welcome two tickets for my friend Scott and I.

For some time now, I have abandoned the feeling of inadequacy as it relates to my two failed marriages. In fact, I want to correct that sentence. The word "failed" should be omitted. In life there is no failure. There is only experience. We marry for the right reasons, but we also divorce for the right reasons as well. Thus, a marriage that ends in divorce, is really not a failure, but a success. Oh sure, nobody thinks they will ever divorce upon getting married, but no one should remain unhappy either. And happiness is far more important than marriage.

Everybody seems to get divorced these days. Of course, there are a few exceptions, one of them happens to be my Uncle Alex and Aunt Alessandra...been married since 1967. The only other couple that I know to be married as long, are Tricia's parents, Veronica and (James?). I remember everything she's ever told me, and I believe they celebrated their 45th anniversary back on April 4th (or 5th).

I was once told that I would be married 4 times. That was back in 2004. That was 5 years ago.
Well, I am still single. And I am still on 2 completed marriages. If I have it the way I want it, then my 3rd will be my last.

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