Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I wish I could take credit for this, but the picture you see above, comes from the brilliant mind of Kerry Fischel. Fischel is a modern contemporary artist, who has been busting down walls with his imaginative approaches to art today. If you'd like to see more of his work, you may reach out to his private studio at

When I first started training back in '04, I used to find it difficult to motivate myself into running. Not long after, the opposite became true, and I have a tough time taking time off, unless I have an injury. So yesterday, I took a day off, and it was difficult because there was no injury, and the weather outside was nice.

I mulled around my home, cooked myself dinner and made enough leftovers for lunch for today.
I watched the Rangers buy it, when 147 year old Sergei Federov, who I didn't even realize he was still in the NHL, let alone let out of a adult community, put the series-winning puck behind Lundquist. Ugh.

I switched off to the Mets, and of course, whenever I watch a Mets game, it all goes to hell. They were winning 4-3, and within 10 minutes of watching, they were now losing 7-4. That makes the Mets 0-7 when I watch, and keep in mind that their overall record is 9-11. That means they are 9-2 when I don't watch. Is somebody telling me something over here?

I'm really looking to my elementary school reunion on June 27th. I went back up on Facebook (extremely addicting) and posted more never-before-seen pictures of me when I was young.

I heard this morning about our nation's first swine flu fatality. It happened to a baby in Texas. I spoke with one of our offices in Mexico, and they gave me an interesting hypothosis about this. They told me that this was a way to divert attention from the global financial situation. I don't know that I can accept that, but it is interesting to note, that many more people probably die of other flu types per year, even if it is not swine. Plus, I am hearing reports that drugs like Tamiflu are effective in treating swine flu if caught early enough, so who knows.

If there are any people out there in the medical profession that know a thing or two about influenza and would like to comment about it, please do.

So far, I think about 100 people have died to swine flu world wide.

Today,my fellow Prepsters are scheduled to go back to school, but I wonder how many parents are going to extend the return date for the remainder of the week. Especially after learning now, that nearby P.S.177 has cases as well. Scary stuff.

I planned the itinerary for this Sunday's gala bike tour. In short, I am going to have to leave my house by about 4:30am. I will be driving into Queens since I offered to give Nora "Ellie" & her bike a lift. From there it's Staten Island, the Ferry to Battery Park, and an 8am start. I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

And St. Francis Prep, a huge catholic school here, is the center of the NY epidemic allegedly.

Last night my daughter was really sick and I was nearly convinced he had swine flu.

Today she is fine. Go figure.

I am going running tonight. Gonna try to go 2.5 miles and a stepped up pace.

I'm a Yankees fan so I can't help you with the Mets losing.

Alex Gonzalez said...

It's a damn shame I'm not a Yankee fan. They always win when I watch, go figure.

As for the swine-thingy, I just learned that they found the first person Maria-Elena something or other from Mexico. She was a census taker, came down with it, and died 5 days later, weeks before it got here to Prep.