Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Somebody from Florida owes me an admission about who the world's greatest basketball player is.....

I lost 2 pounds. The bet called for 1 cantation per pound. Thus, he actually owes me 2 admissions right now!


DGA said...

Although it looks like a picture from a Martian's feet, I will take it as a true picture from earth of someone who lost a pound to make me vomit for what I am about to say: "Wilt Chamberlain was the best basketball player ever". Yuuuuuck!!!!!

DGA said...

By the way the bet was 1 lb per every 3 days. If you lost more than one in one shot that's your problem, or in this case your gain, but ONLY ONE ADMISSION PER SHOT NO MATTER HOW MANY LBS YOU LOSE AT ONCE! So the maximum (based on losing 9-10 lbs)is 9 puking admission, but every 3 days.
Read the fine print!

Alex Gonzalez said...

Read the fine print? I suggest you do the same, Mr. Author!

Here is what you wrote to me (completely unchanged):

"FOR EVERY POUND you lose I will send you an email glorifying Wilt Chamberlain as the greatest ever. I know it will hurt me so much to have to lie and bring myself to such a low level of degradation, but it will help your cause. Of course, you better be telling the truth, because I can't see you."

Hmmmm.let's see...."FOR EVERY POUND"....I have lost TWO pounds. So.....don't you think you owe me another admission of Wilt's greatness!!!

DGA said...

I think this is getting bigger than what it merits. What do you need? 2 more disgusting mentions of Chamberlain? OK. Here they go:
1) Wilt Chamberlain, the basketball ballerina of all times was the best player ever, even though he spent most of his court time under the baskets waiting for a pass.
2) Chambermaid, I mean Chamberlain is number 1 in the basketball world, despite being a lousy movie actor.

Anything to get you to lose 10 frickin pounds!