Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Stomach Is A Big Piece of Crap

I have lost *some* weight ( my never ending nonsense, lol ) . I am down to 166. Last night, when I went to the gym and ran another 5 miles, I also did some ab work. For now, let's add the letters "fl" to ab to make "flab", because my stomach is big freakin' bowling ball. I have to get rid of this junk!

As I look at my Runner's World Calendar I see that this month's advice is about abs. How interesting.

Running can strengthen your abs, depending on your form. Keeping your torso straight and your shoulders back reinforces abdominal stability. Slouching takes your core out of the equation. If you catch yourself starting to slouch, take a deep breath and feel yourself naturally straighten. As you exhale, simply maintain that upright position.

Sure, all of this is good, sound advice. Assuming you don't eat bread, that is.

Speaking of it time for pizza yet?


Anonymous said...

great picture. entertaining commentary.

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate - Thanks for the laugh!

rundangerously said...

great post alex!

i run mainly to eat more pizza :D

Alex Gonzalez said...

Now that's a concept I should consider. Running For Pizza. A slice of pizza is what, 400 calories? So, if I burn 600 calories for every hour I run, then perhaps I can do a "Run For Pizza" challenge. 1 Slice of Pizza earned for every 1 hour of running. Nice!