Thursday, February 12, 2009

Alex Rodriguez, YOU ARE A DISGRACE.

You and every single person that makes millions of dollars to humanly excel at a sport by cheating at it.

My 7-year old son loves baseball. He is one of the best on his team, and is by far their best pitcher. Of course, he is young, and things can change. Next week for example, he will turn 8 years old. I remember when I was 8. That was about what, 19 years ago? Just kidding. I wish.

When I was 8 years old, Hank Aaron was giving chase to Babe Ruth for the coveted Home Run Title. While there is no way to know what ANY athlete "did" back in those days, I sincerely doubt that a man as great as Henry Louis "Hammerin' Hank" Aaron, ever gave it a thought. No sir. He worked hard to achieve his record. He did it through sweat and grit, he did it through public persecutions and racial threats, and even life threatening situations. And most of all, he did it honorably. Not like you Mr. A-Roid. Not like most of you making all that coin out there playing a game, while many others like myself make several hundred times less, and are working their asses off just to keep our jobs.

My son, like his mother, is a Yankee fan. He chose this team because of their "supposed" integrity. But the truth is, integrity is the last thing you will see in the face of the game these days. I am disgusted by the stench of cheating that goes on today in the game. I am disturbed by the message that you send to all would-be athletes, like my son.

I will never condone any kind of performance-enhancing drug for my child. He will outperform and beat chumps like you by doing it the way Hank Aaron and Hank Greenberg did. Not the way you and every despicable cheat out there has. I'm glad that the likes of McGwire, Palmeiro, and Tejada, among others will never see the light of day in the Hall of Fame.

And Roger Clemens? That man is a big fat pig. He deserves to rot.

When Ba-roid Bonds broke the single season Home Run record, and the All-Time Home Run records, we ALL knew the deal. The game's most coveted statistic destroyed... by a lie. Alex, you were supposed to beat Bonds and restore honor to the game....NOT DESTROY IT COMPLETELY! (Shit, I sound like Obi Wan talking to Anakin on the mining planet of Mustafar....what a fuckin' nerd I am... lol)

We will never learn who the other 103 people are that tested positive along with A-Hole. The Ballplayers Union, will hide behind their shadows. The Union represents their players, but they don't represent the game itself. In fact, judging by what their actions in the coming weeks and months over this will be, I am beginning to think that they are going to be doing nothing to release these names. Heck, it's better to ruin the whole sport, and cast a doubt on everyone that comes up to bat, then to know who the other cowards are, right? Yet another shining example on how these scumbags should be tossed permanently from baseball. They are out for themselves, not for the greater good of the sport.

I'd petition Topps Baseball Cards to print only the ballplayers that are clean, but my fear is that from the 660 card set that it produces annually, that we might be down to the size of a deck of playing cards. What a pathetic mess my game has become. Bud Selig should have taken a stronger stance before on this. All of this has happened under his watch. Bud Selig sucks ass.

In my opinion, any ballplayer caught using or even owning a performance-enhancing drug should be kicked out of MLB, without salary, and with their records banished as well. They soil the game. It's going to take decades to fix and clean up this mess.

Of course, Alex now says he is clean. Has been since 2004, if you can believe him. Yah. Right. He is clean alright. Clean from ever being caught again. No one is stupid, A-Lie. We know that you changed from using a steroid from you 2003 positive test, to an HGH (Human Growth Hormone) which is completely undetectable through any tests. Don't insult us by telling us otherwise. You lied once, you will lie again. ONCE A CHEAT. ALWAYS A CHEAT.

However, Alex is sadly just one of the many lying ballplayers destroying the game. I will promise you one thing though. If my son ever makes it to the 'bigs'....If he ever becomes one of those 1 in 100,000 children that will someday play on a field of legends...then you will see once again what it takes to have a real talent, and not a real cheat. And for all those would-be athletes who decide to take the A-Fraud route, the easy, lying and cheating path that he and so many losers have taken, know this....Take all the injections you want to, because when you step up to the plate, my son is still going to strike your ass out on three pitches.

In other words, take a seat, jackass!

We don't want your cheatin' kind to further sully the game that he is trying to love.

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Anonymous said...

First of all I resent your harsh word on us baseball players who fell in disgrace. Some of us were lied to by our personal trainers and we took performance enhancers drugs thinking we were taking B-12 shots or drinking a high dosis of Red Bull. It will be hard for those of us who were cheated as well to prove our innocence, because people like you immediately jump into conclusions and just like that we are all bad.
Please reconsider your comments and write another blog exonerating baseball players who were given steroids or hormones, but because of stupidity or ignorance we were told it was something else just to boos our energy.
Thank you.
An anonymous professional player.