Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My long standing silence. Is. Over.

It has been 36 days since my last blog. 36 days. Wow.
What happened? Lots.
Rather than give you a confabulation of doggerel by lumping it into one article, I have decided to take the right route and break it out. Since August 10th there had not been one blog, and that was because I was in the middle of a breakup at home, followed by a move out on my own. Trust me when I tell you, life got in the way. A big way. Rest assured, I am right now a happy man. I wish Ileana well, but I am happy to be living by myself again…..At least for now, anyway….

Below you will see 7 blog posts coming your way. Charastically very visual, I wont have the time to perhaps gather all the evidence in a timely fashion, but it will make it’s way eventually to the blog. I have a lot of work in the office (as usual) and I have a monstrous race up ahead, the Philadelphia Distance Run. The likes of which I will be talking about leading up to the race.

The seven blog posts to cover the missing parts of my life that I wish to share are

1. Inaugural Long Run: Life is A Beach. -
2. The Big Move – Friday, August 29
3. Aye Yi-Yi - 2 Races in One Day? – Sunday, August 31
4. Race Report: Nike Human Race – Sunday, August 31
5. Race Report: Manhattan 14.2 training run. – Sunday, August 31
6. Inaugural Training Run: Wellwood Marina – Tue, September, 9
7. Inaugural Training Run: Lindy Bulldogs Track – Mon, Sep 15th


Anonymous said...

Wow. Lots going on, huh? Nice to see my Eagles up there on the banner. I may need to bust out with a good ol' fashioned "Fly Eagles flyyyy...." :) Good luck at the race this weekend and you should check out Ralph's if you want to load up on carbs the night before. Best italian in Philly in my not so humble opinion.

Oh, and it's nice to see that you're happy. You deserve it. :)

DGA said...

It's about time you got back to writing. Writing is one of the best therapies, together with running, golf and clean sex.