Monday, September 15, 2008

Inaugural Training Run: Lindy Bulldog Track

Having already found a nice road run in the neighborhood in the can, next up would be to find myself an oval running track somewhere, hopefully not too far away. The middle school where the Lindy Bulldogs play seemed to look like a nice place on Google maps, so I took my car over there.

And I was pleasantly surprised.

Though not quite as amazing a surface as Victory field near Forest Park, the Lindy track was clean. And most amazing, ONLY runners were on the track. I wonder if this had anything to do with it:Thank God! I guess people have common sense after all!!!

Now the track itself it very beautiful. It's got a red, hard clay surface, and it is kept very clean.Also, what I like about this place is that there is no soccer field in the center of the course, making errant balls a thing of the past. Instead there is a great artificial turf football field, where the Lindy Bulldogs play.

Sunset was absolutely beautiful today too. And while there are no hills in the south shore, there are steps that I can run up and down in the stadium. All I need now is to find a trail near home where I can run, and I should have my four basic run groups (road, track, hills and trails).

Not pictured (because I did not want to draw the potential ire of parents nearby) are the many kids from the middle school that were out there a few minutes after I was with their coaches. It was pretty cute seeing them learning how to run around the track and doing calistenics. Obviously, I felt like an old goat there, but overall it is such a nice feeling to finally be on a track where rollerbladers, soccer balls, and even, get this, streetcar vendors are not being obnoxiously disruptive to our fellow runners.

I plan to run here a few times this week in preparation for my upcoming Philly race....

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